With all due respect, sir, you declared you’re a PM for all Malaysians upon taking office. You did not say you’re a PM only for Muslims. Banning pubs and bars will cause hardworking Malaysians to lose their jobs in a pandemic. Malaysians have the right to consume alcohol.
If Muslims/ other Malaysians don't want to consume alcohol or visit pubs, that's fine. It's a personal choice. The govt shouldn't impose the personal choices of the majority on the rest of our multiracial country. Yes, the minority matters too. The PM must protect the minority.
Beware the tyranny of the majority. It's bad enough that the govt didn't condemn Pasir Puteh MP's deeply offensive remarks about the Christian bible. And now, you want to permanently shutter pubs? Chinese and Indians even returned to BN in Slim. Is this how you repay them?
. @MuhyiddinYassin handled Covid-19 well. Please don't let religious fanatics tear Malaysia apart, especially not during a pandemic when all of us are suffering with pay cuts, job losses, and a permanent fear of not just a mysterious virus but overzealous authorities stalking us.
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