We're supporting @InsOurFuture's action outside of @LloydsofLondon today 😍

Actions like these are in solidarity with indigenous sovereignty movements on the frontline of climate breakdown and its resistance; we must echo their demands loudly âœŠđŸŸ

More to come..
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Thank you to @zoozanne for writing a wonderful piece on this action today, read more here on how Lloyds of London is a "white supremacist pipeline" and on why we need insurers to take a stand 👇 #InsureOurFuture #ClimateEmergency https://platformlondon.org/2020/09/01/lloyds-of-london-laggard-on-climate-action/
We were also fortunate enough to hear a little from the wonderful @dallasgoldtooth for this piece, and urge you to follow their work with @IENearth if you came to the action at Lloyds today.

Read more here, and share the piece 👏 https://platformlondon.org/2020/09/01/lloyds-of-london-laggard-on-climate-action/
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