September is Alopecia Awareness month.
This September is @AlopeciaUK 15th birthday and I have signed up to be an AUK Birthday Champion. Alopecia UK is a small charity which works hard to improve the lives of those affected by Alopecia. #AUK15for15
This month I will be sharing lots of Alopecia content across my social media to help raise awareness. You can help me by liking and sharing my posts.
We have also been challenged to fundraise using an activity based on the number 15.
I have decided to complete 15 15 minute drawings this month which I will then sell with profits going to AUK.
If you would like to you can also help me reach my goal of £150 by clicking on my fundraising link and donating or sharing my page with my story!
First two 15 minute sketches (of 15 drawings) which will be sold to raise money for @AlopeciaUK
Message me to register interest purchasing these or future drawings!
Alternatively if you’d like to you can donate via the link previously tweeted in this thread! #auk15for15
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