This wokeness around Aproko Doctor's video is confusing me.
Are we not in Nigeria anymore? The only time abortion is allowed in Nigeria, is when the baby is when the intention is to save the mother's life. I think sex-selective abortion is also allowed. The noise around Aproko...
Doctor's video is really silly.

Look, this is Nigeria. Legally, abortion is WRONG. Do you expect Aproko Doctor, with over 500k followers to promote that? When he gets arrested, will you help him out? Besides, was that the point of the video?
He was trying to quell the misconceptions that lead to unwanted pregnancies, and the lies that have been sold to women for years. In private, he might not even have anything against abortion. That is his business, really.
But publicly, you do not expect someone who is followed by a lot of people around the world to openly preach against something against the laws of his profession. I know of someone who is trying to push for the legalization of abortion in Nigeria.
That is fine. But until that reality is achieved, never expect something contrary.

Muting this tweet, cos I know someone will intentionally miss the point too. Bless.
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