September in the secret garden - yesterday made me miss sega 💙.

the iconic car scene from the first episode - Ha Jiwon was happy they finally let her drive & Hyun Bin thought he was going to die 🚗😂

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September in the secret garden 2 -

one man loves you
that man loves you
with all his heart 💙

the moment Kim Joo Won started to fall for the amazing stunt woman Gil Ra Im

I also fell in love with her here

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SeGa Sept 3

for my bday this post is for Gil Raim who had no parents, money, home & couldn't run for miss korea (same😕) but became everything to the man who had it all, Kim Joowon.

brave, honest, independent, dedicated, caring, positive - I wish to be just like her💙
September in the secret garden ep3 -

the iconic sit-ups scene - not only did it make gil ra im & the viewers' ❤️❤️❤️ flutter but apparently this unforgettable scene also made Hyun Bin's 💙 flutter while filming it

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September SeGa ep4

in the dressing room scene HB's acting was 💯🔥 one can feel kjw's claustrophobia
water scene was filmed @ near freezing temp & HJW had to cont acting in wet clothes. both acted so well it was filmed w/o NG & praised by crew

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SeGa Sept ep5

the scenes @ Jeju Island were filmed first in the drama.

gri hears for the first time about kjw's obsession w/the little mermaid (an important part of sega) & slaps him (luckily just once)

HJW & HB are the nicest - both prefer to be hit than hit others
SeGa Sept ep6 -

switched gil raim & kim joowon had their first kiss trying to reverse the switch. HJW said she found it hard to kiss playing a man🤠

seems that a lot of scenes were hard to film: the wig scene had many NG as the actors couldn't stop laughing😂
SeGa Sept -

HB: before a scene we'd re-enact the scenes first for each other as our normal characters saying the lines & doing gestures so we can help each other doing the actual scene with the body switch

HB & HJW as Kim Joowon:

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SeGa Sept -

SeGa was a huge success & at the 47th Baeksang awards it won best drama, screenplay, new actress & Hyun Bin won a Daesang.
HB missed the ceremony due to his military service but was there in 2013 to present the Daesang award.

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September in the secret garden ep7 -

poor Hyun Bin, when he cooks for others they think it is poisonous - either as Gil Raim cooking for hallyu star Oska in secret garden or as Ri Jeong Hyeok cooking for chaebol heiress Yoon Se Ri in crash landing on you 😂😂😂
September in the secret garden -

out of order but just in case Hyun Bin is really on a ✈ rn on his way back to Seoul.

this is one of my favorite scenes & the sentence "I'll send a private jet to Haneda rn" symbolises for me magic that can happen in our ordinary lives
September in the secret garden ep8 -

the OTHER famous kiss - between gil raim in kim joowon's body & oska

Hyun Bin: I thought [filming] this [same-sex kissing] was really comfortable 🤩

Ha Jiwon: I think the people watching it were uncomfortable 😂
September in the secret garden -

books are important in sega & a lot happens in kjw's library

alice in wonderland played a center role, continued the "Hyun Bin effect" that started in sam soon w/Momo & shot to the top of the best sellers list in SK after appearing in sega
SeGa Sept ep9

kim joowon came to gil raim's house to congratulate her on returning to her body in a beautiful hug scene.

anecdote: yoo in na, who played gil raim's roommate in sega, lived in this exact house 6 years later when she played sunny in the kdrama goblin
SeGa Sept ep10

kim joowon joins the action team & Hyun Bin is revealed as great comedian persuading the director to appear with over the top mole

Ha Jiwon as gil raim acts in a beautiful scene as the stunt double of her own past role in the drama "damo" (2003)
September in the secret garden - ep10 (2)

after the filming the team went to eat grilled pig skins (dwaeji ggupdaegi).

poor gil raim! but how does one explain that he lived AS her?
a delightfully charming & hilarious drunken scene with bonus NG 🍾😂🍾😂🍾😂🍾
SeGa Sept ep11

gri tells kjw "to see that everything you say is true hurts really bad"

kjw admits for the first time, to himself & others, that he has deeper feelings toward gri than mere curiosity

their eyes & faces here - Hyun Bin & Ha Jiwon are such good actors
September in the secret garden ep12+13

while Ha Jiwon was very impressed with his acting skills in this scene, the SeGa director was less impressed with Hyun Bin's level of preparedness for his upcoming military service in the marines 😂
SeGa Sept ep13

long filming days often carried into the next day
Ha Jiwon: "[here Hyun Bin] jokingly hugs me. It's a thrilling scene because I have to look at his face with fascination & eyes wide open. While I'm doing that fluttering expression, Hyun Bin actually fell asleep!"
September in the secret garden ep14

the making of the VVIPK (aka very very important party kiss 😂)

both Kim joowon & the viewers have been waiting for it for a long time

😘 💋😘💋😘
September in the secret garden: ep15

real vs reel

real: the martial arts director didn't come & Ha Jiwon directed the scene & taught Hyun Bin who never acted w/sword before

reel: HB as gil raim teaches HJW as kim joowon the moves for the audition
SeGa Sept ep16

HJW: I knew that joowon was in the elevator so I was really sorry even out of raim's character
HB: because you thought of me spending the whole night shooting this scene?
HJW: no, I thought of joowon stuck in the elevator, how painful it must be for him
SeGa Sept ep17
this is the 1st scene in sega where that man sung by hyun bin is played
the song was released on January 7th 2011 (1 day before the broadcast of ep17) & within 5 days it topped 8 music charts: melon, bento, bugs, mnet, naver, Daum, cyworld & soribada
September in the secret garden ep18 -

this amazing & iconic scene has it all: content, acting, visuals

kim joowon giving everything he has, most of all his life, to gil raim, the woman he loves

SeGa Sept -

happy birthday kim joowon! 🎂🎉❤️

while ceo of Loel (Lotte Cheongnyngni), he increased store sales by 100 mil won /day and sales of clothes for women age 20-30 years grew by 215% for the duration of the drama broadcast

SeGa Sept -

sega generated many catch phrases that became very popular
most remembered is kim joowon reciting kim soo han moo when thinking of gil raim
hyun bin said he had to ask the director what it meant: a 80-syllabel child's name from an old poem to give him a long life
SeGa Sept ep19

Hyun Bin loved the set of SeGa but hated the running scene here

SeGa was filmed in Maiim vision village (Maiim Corp), abt 1.5h drive SE of Seoul. it is a vast nature area & the library (Heukjip Doljip bldg) was far from drama house (kjw home)
September in the secret garden -

filming sega lasted 109 long days and nights but at least hyun bin & ha jiwon spent many of the filming hours making each other laugh

hope this bts compilation brings some laughter to your Monday/new week
SeGa Sept ep20 -

the wedding night kiss took 6 hours to film

it lasted around 1.5 minutes on screen & was deemed "wild" by the audience & "too long" by the network

I think it's absolutely perfect 😍😘💋
It is the last day of September & therefore time to say goodbye to our time in the secret garden

I will leave you with a letter to the viewers from community leaders kim joowon & gil raim & a few concluding words also from Ha Jiwon & Hyun Bin
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