The liberals, commies were celebrating ' #PrashantBhushan Surrender to court as he got off the case by paying "Rs 1". I say it a surrender for many reasons and you will find a very relatable chapter in the history to this episode at the end of this #thread..
We all have known that Prashant Bhushan has repeatedly done the same one thing, tweeting some fake shit and purposely going against the supreme court, he has been charged several times even before for the same reason,but again according to the 'Liberandus' he is regarded as hero!
The SC put charges against him for the 'Contempt of Court' when he tweeted a fake story regarding 'CJI Bobade's Bike Photo' and also for a baseless statement against Supreme court .He was found guilty and the court said, if he did not apologize he will be sent to jail.
Then the man stood up showcasing himself as a hero and said that he will not say "sorry" for his misdeeds and his followers went on to say "is he savarkar,for apologizing?"
The congressis, the liberals and others of the same mindset posted tweets in support of "P Bhushan while demeaning Veer Savarkar". Just a glimpse of how many times this man has said sorry....
Some "MAHASHAY's" like @sardesairajdeep and some paid journo's even compared him with Gandhi and Mandela, well i don't know for what reason they compared,but it was definitely a tact to show P Bhushan larger than life.
P Bhushan even said that ,"he'll rot in jail rather than saying "SORRY" to the court" but the court played this move intelligently. They fined him 'Rs 1" for the case and said that if he fails to pay the money he will be jailed for 3 years.....
Prashant Bhashan, with the tail tuck between his legs readily agreed to pay fine of Rs 1 and did a 180-degree turn by saying that " THE TWEETS WEREN'T MEANT TO DISRESPECT THE SC", this was the same man who said he will not back from his stance.
People who compared him to Gandhi and Mandela kept their mouth shut when this man "SURRENDERED FOR JUST RS 1", If Prashant Bhushan was so adamant on his stance, then why did he accept the offer? If he was right, he should have accepted the JAIL TERM FOR 3 MONTHS!
This reminded me of a mercy letter written by Shripad Dange, former CPI leader to British governer after some statement he made that insulted the British Govt.. In the letter he apologizes to the British govt and says....
And many incidents can be quoted where COMMIES have tucked their tails between their legs,when it came to life and death situation. I pity the logic of those who are celebrating this move by Prashant Bhushan and also pity those who feel that this man is a hero.
After this incident there's one thing we can all say
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