Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

— "Do You Like Brahms?" follows students, majoring in music, at a prestigious university and those around them. Park Joon-Young is an elite pianist. Chae Song-A is a 4th year university student and studies to become a violinist.

— Ep 1
well, sorry conductor-nim. you don’t need to be that harsh to her, she just want to play at the recital. it hurts so much, that all Chae Songah wants is just to pursue her dream to become a Violinist🎻
the way Joonyoung compliment Songah in front of Songah’s friend, even though she didn’t get to play on the recital😩🥺
Joonyoung totally deserves the rights, he waited for to come inside with her. i found this cute🥺🥺💖
they’re shy and awkward but this is too cute😩🥺💖
the way i didn’t understand why she asks question like that, but then ...
he doesn’t like it because he’s the Brahms between Clara and Schumann. love triangle huh?🤧
[DISCLAIMER❗️: I might tweet random thought about this drama, and using Bahasa in this thread.]
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