1,053 new #COVID19 cases reported today in #Canada. It's a Monday, which means we get Saturday + Sunday + Monday #COVID19 cases in today's report for many provinces, particularly #BC and #AB. But still, we haven't seen a one-day total this high since May 23. (1/x)
THIS IS PARTLY ARTIFICIAL. AB used to report on weekends and BC used to report on Saturdays, which means these cases would be spread out instead of all being reported on Monday. (2/x)
On the other hand, there really is a positive trend in cases in two large provinces. In the past 7 days (threshold: 15% change):
📈 QC
📈 AB
➖ ON
➖ BC
➖ SK
📉 MB

In fact, AB (pop: 4.4 million) is reporting more cases each day than Ontario (pop: 14.6 million). Per-capita testing rates are comparable between the two provinces. (4/x)
This is not the same outbreak we were facing in March. There are many more young people among these newly reported cases, which means few deaths will directly follow from these cases. (5/x)
But restrictions are relaxing. Schools are opening. Bars, restaurants, entertainment venues. Infectious diseases spread. The indirect consequences of uncontrolled spread could make this look a lot more like March (or worse), esp. as we begin to move inside for fall/winter. (6/x)
There are lots of smart people on Twitter talking about what needs to happen as we move into the fall and winter (also known as flu season). I suggest you give them a follow. @DFisman @jkwan_md @imgrund @AmyGreerKalisz @BogochIsaac @AshTuite @deonandan. (7/x)
Every outbreak is local, which means we need reporters on the ground to follow up. A few recommended follows: @Aaron_Derfel, @picardonhealth, @PatriciaTreble, @alex_mckeen, @theresaboyle, @robroc, @CBCFletch. (8/x)
More #COVID19 #Canada maps and charts are available on the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group dashboard.👇 (9/x)

A lot of people are making amazing #COVID19 #Canada #dataviz. A few follows: @Billius27, @imgrund, @jkwan_md, @wanghoaneng, @AAlJaishi, @Andrew36699022, @CoulSim, @howsmyflattenON. And of course @jburnmurdoch. (10/x)
A lot of this data viz is powered by the #COVID19 #Canada #OpenData from the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group, run by the incomparable @ishaberry2 and myself. (11/x)

Updated daily, find it here: https://github.com/ishaberry/Covid19Canada
A lot of people bring this dataset to life: @shelbysturrock, @JWright159, @_MeghanONeill, @GBrankston, @DrTanyaRossi, @Kamalraj_ach, @VinyasHarish, @XiaotingXie, @alisonesimmons + others. Hospitalization data from @covid_canada. (12/x)

One last thing. I've started a project creating automatic, daily archives of #COVID19 data from Canadian government sources. Why is this important? (13/x)

I explain here: https://twitter.com/JPSoucy/status/1298658193753677824
If you happen to have old versions of Canadian COVID-19 data, please send me a message. I'm eager to add it to the archive. (14/x) https://twitter.com/JPSoucy/status/1298659226185871360
If you've gotten this far, congratulations. Now take a break from COVID-19 news. The pandemic will be with us for some time to come, unfortunately. Good night. (15/15)
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