So I’ll be doing #Swordtember this year, but instead of Art I’ll be creating a list of magical blades for your TTRPG use. I’ll also have a master list on the google doc linked below. #Swordtember idea is from @faith_schaffer
Ok gang not sure how best to do this, so I’m going this route for now. Remember there will be a master google doc (link is in the first post). So without further ado, prompt 1, 🔥
#Swordtember day 2! Today’s prompt lead me to make a little reference to a classic cartoon that is one of the best stories ever. Today we tap into some 🧊

(Remember there’s a master list in the top post of the thread)
We are to day 3 of #Swordtember and today I’m going a little off the beaten path for this one. Poison plants are often underutilized in RPGs, so what better way than to make a weapon of of one! Here’s my idea for prompt 3, poisonous ☠️
Day 4 of #Swordtember taps into some classic 90’s anime and says “let’s duel!” A little tougher concept, I think I got a pretty good little weapon for you to taunt your enemies with and throw down the gauntlet. Cross swords ⚔️ it’s time to duel.
As the sun comes into view, so does another #Swordtember post! Today we harness the power of the day with this entry. It may have a paired friend tomorrow. Here is prompt 5, day/sun ☀️
Where there is light, there must be dark. So when there is day, next comes night. #Swordtember prompt 6 is night/moon and here is the sibling sword to yesterday’s entry.
#Swordtember day 7 has us looking skyward again, this time at things that confounded people for ages. We put meaning to them, so why not have a weapon that does as well. This one is a bit complex, but I feel like could be a lot of fun. Here is prompt 7: stars ✨
Love ‘em or hate ‘em cursed items have been around as long as recorded history. Today’s #Swordtember prompt takes a look at them with prompt 8: cursed relic 🧝🏽‍♀️
The divine are almost always a mystery. You never know what path they will set you on, or what schemes they could be using you for. So when you find an item of the gods, you grab onto it. Here is prompt 9: divine relic 😇
They say every Rose has its thorn, so why not turn it into a weapon of a sort? Plus you can come up with fun imagery for it. Here is prompt 10 for #Swordtember rose/thorn 🥀
Fancy dress, chamber music, fine jewels. Elegant means a lot of different things to different people. For today’s #Swordtember Im going a little different path to prompt 11: elegant 💃🏾
#Swordtember asks us what power is. I thought about going maybe 4 different ways but settled on the power of looming over someone, preparing to end them. Prompt 12: power💪
Over the years, so many figures have studied electricity and its effects. Franklin, Tesla, Frankenstein just to make a few. Today’s #Swordtember prompt we’re leaning more towards that last guy with prompt 13- electric ⚡️
Knights have played a role in fantasy settings since they existed. The idea of a hero in shining armor coming to save the day is a key feature in all sorts of tales. So it’s fitting that prompt 14 is Knight
Today’s #Swordtember prompt takes flight, and for me when I saw it I immediately thought of two (very different) things: Hermes and Vax’ildan. So here is prompt 15: wings
If you have a perfect warlock (or bard or sorcerer or wizard), perhaps they’ve lost their invisible wand. They need a new item that acts as a weapon and spell focus. For that I give you #Swordtember prompt 16, magic 🧙🏼‍♀️
Broken. Often in fantasy we see broken swords that, when mended, become something amazing. For today’s #Swordtember prompt I went in a whole different, and somewhat odd, way for prompt 17: fragmented.
The Warden class for 4e D&D is one of my all time favorites, so I sprinkle ideas from it in all the time. Today’s #Swordtember prompt gives me that chance with prompt 18: nature 🌲
Power has always required check and balance. One of the most important ones has been law. Something no one should be above. A little ironic that #Swordtember today prompts us to consider justice, and my view of it seems fitting for the hero of justice we lost. Prompt 19: Justice
One of the most common concepts talked about in literature is fate. Both as a concept and as a person or people, fate has fascinated humanity for centuries. For #Swordtember today I tap into our desire to alter fate with prompt 20: multiple/many.
In the dark, sometimes a tiny light can be life saving. For today’s #Swordtember we shine a little light with prompt 21: glowing 💡
Dragons are about as much a fantasy staple as you can get. So that means you’ll of course need a weapon to vanquish them with. Today #Swordtember has us doing just that with prompt 22: dragon slayer 🐉💀
A guardian. Many of our favorite stories involve a hero protecting the weak or fighting for the disenfranchised. It gives us hope and reminds us that there’s heroes out there. #Swordtember today asks us for a defender, so I chose to give a nod to a recent one. Prompt 23: Guardian
Sinister. Sneaky. Evil. These are often words we use together when describing a character, especially a villain. #Swordtember today has us go in that direction with prompt 24: sinister.
Jewels have always been prized for their beauty. With magic, they are often a focus or component for spells. #Swordtember prompt 25 has us use them as part of a weapon, so I took that to a whole other level. Here is prompt 25: jeweled 💎
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