generalizes all mexican males as rapists and drug dealers, called white supremacists fine people, has a history of not even wanting to be around black or mexican people, has over 40 rape allegations, sexualizes and objectifies his own DAUGHTER, underfunded a black uni-
claims he’s made the unemployment rate lower than ever when it was on an exponential downfall, supported the baseless conspiracy theory that obama was born in kenya, shut down the government to demand funding for his shitty border wall, gave turks the green light to kill kurds-
called muslim countries shit holes, keeps immigrants locked in cages (violating international law as the US is legally required to allow asylum seekers to go thru the process), handled and continues to handle the pandemic fucking terribly, has told over 15000 confirmed lies-
goes against his own morals by marrying an illegal immigrant, neglected and continues to neglect puerto rico, completely neglected iowa for a week when we had a natural disaster, air striked syria without a congress vote, evades his taxes, helps saudi arabia attack yemen-
shall i go on?
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