While we’re still talking about the @nba: A reminder that billionaire @TomGores, owner of the @DetroitPistons, robs Black and Brown families to fund police.

As CEO of @PlatinumEquity he owns @SecurusTech, which charges up to $25 for a 15-min call with an incarcerated loved one.
The corporation then shares the $700 million in revenue it makes annually with the sheriffs and wardens who allow it to exploit the incarcerated people in their facilities and their families and, in turn, use the money to pay for everything from weapons to probation staff.
The worst of this exploitation happens in jails, where the majority of people are still just awaiting trial often because they cannot AFFORD bail.

That’s because counties are dependent on commissions, advocacy is rare at the local level, and the population is transient.
Notably, it’s often families paying for calls, not incarcerated people who earn pennies an hour for work, if anything.

At least five states don’t pay for the majority of work in their facilities, leaving families to pay for calls and other necessities from commissary.
#COVID19 made things worse.

At a time when families are more desperate than ever to be in touch, facilities have suspended visits and families are facing additional economic hardships.

These families include essential workers in grocery stores and transportation.
In this moment, it’s time we took a hard look at the @nba owners. Recoloring your logo black is not supporting #BlackLivesMatter , it takes a lot more than that.

And if you want to do something immediate about phone rates, sign this: https://act.freepress.net/sign/justice_prisonphone_stimulus/?source=worth_rises.
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