Do you guys ever think about how our society hates homeless people so much that it’s next to impossible to find places to sit or bathrooms to use in major cities?
Like basic human functions (using the bathroom/resting) are rendered basically impossible because our society wants people who can’t afford homes to be more miserable than they already are. Absolutely barbaric.
We need public bathrooms on every corner and a blanket ban on hostile architecture. Every sidewalk should have benches to sit!
As others have mentioned this is (of course) a major problem in suburban and rural areas as well, I just mentioned major cities because this is particularly egregious in major population centers.
Anyway, I plan on writing about hostile architecture, the need for universal housing and sanitation facilities for Labyrinth when it comes out, so follow me for updates on that if you want.
In the meantime, please post links to mutual aid funds/crowdfunding for homeless and displaced people/links to housing justice orgs.
Lastly: Check our @DataProgress’s historic Homes for All report. The need for universal housing has only intensified since it was released last year and it remains the single most comprehensive plan to guarantee housing as a human right. 
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