Today is my last day @Harvard

I showed up here 16 years ago, a brand new assist. professor

Overwhelmed -- felt that I didn't belong. I would never make it here

Every paper rejection, every grant that didn't get scored to me confirmed it.

But along the way...

Along the way, I met incredibly kind and generous people.

Mentors, friends, sponsors.

Too numerous to all mention individually.

Then, it started feeling better.

I realized that no one really belonged -- everyone was winging it.
Awesome to have had great mentees like @j_r_a_m @joefigs2 @Thomasctsai, @LauraBurke20 others

I owe particularly debt to Alan Garber, @DrewFaust28, @julio_frenk

And over the past 5 years, its been an honor to help lead @HarvardGH with the likes of @Stefanie2000
I am super excited about tomorrow -- but more on that then.

Today, I want to reflect on how places and people shape our lives

And how strange it is to leave in the middle of a pandemic.
This pandemic has taken so much from us. Has caused much suffering.

In that context, my loss here feels minor. And it is.

But its strange to leave a place without stopping by and saying good bye.

And finally,
To my mentor @ArnoldEpstein: thank you for taking a chance on me. I warned you that I probably wouldn't succeed.

But you still took a chance.

So thank you.

And to all of you reading this: Thank you for indulging me in my walk down what is now memory lane

And stay safe
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