Watchmen is not realistic because the cops are wearing masks.
Egg metaphor!!!!!
Huh, ticktock motif from Dark, too.
Panda the parliamentarian
Ha cha chaaaa
What is this rosary/Kimoyo bead weapon situation!
Why they gotta shoot these innocent cows!!!!
The hell is this flying contraption!
It’s like Wall-E’s head.
Weird I grew up watching Nash Bridges with my mom and he’s still got that same laugh.
JEREMY IRONS! Uncle Scar is in this!
Eep, 30 year presidential term??
That is some fine butt, sir. Very fine.
The set decor for each of these periods is so good
She is much calmer than I would have been
Oof, it’s election year in this show too? I am mad tired 😓
Ooh, as she is driving back to the crime scene the drums are very Wakanda!
I hope this reporter with wings does give anyone ideas.
Calvin just wants his Christmas present!
Are they getting me to root for the cops here!!
Glass is a big asshole for that comment about her kids.
Her sheer mask is not pandemic safe!!!
Amazing, threatening to take down a Nixon statue. It’s like not even a good statue lol
An apology museum with dna testing, wow.
This angry little Topher and his eyebrows!
Topher is TIRED
A meta HBO show inside an HBO show
The prop styling in the grocery store is phenomenal!
This is a long ass monologue to the guy at the register, Hooded Justice.
I would rather cry than pass out from holding it all in.
A tomato in a tree?!
Oh, full frontal huh?
His mask looks like a junk store Spider-Man lol
More eggs! Hard boiled this time.
I love the subtle sound of boiling water as he is cooking the eggs.
Yesss Beastie Boys Egg Mannnn 🍳
Whoa, Washington Monument has a halo.
It’s funny there is a pay phone for Mars.
I love that the Batman vigilante is incompetent, good shade!
She didn’t address her smart CD player to start the Devo album, meaning it’s always listening 🤨
I love that she took the academic Petey.
More eggs!
Dear Pirate Jenny, you need a better mask. First, I can see your face. Second, it's LACE. Giving me so much anxiety.
What material is Looking Glass wearing? How is he sweating through it? I’m sure this will be his downfall.
Electric cars normalized but not smart phones. People still using pagers. Strange technology!
Wow, the cemetery is named Tartarus. All the names in this show are creepy and deep cuts.
I feel physically sick seeing the protest signs for getting gun rights back. I am gonna hurl.
When Blake says the word dangerous, the camera pans to Topher’s angry little face 😅
Infuriating they regulate guns so hard except for militaristic ritual shooting into the air?? Ban all of them! Even the symbols.
Oh, that was awful.
This manor house has a massive kitchen 😍
Jeremy Irons is in my dreamland.
Ascots, bows and arrows! Many clones who don’t question anything I do?
I’m pleased you enjoyed the tomatoes 😂
PETEY I LOVE YOU, I will get you a coffee.
This show makes me howl, for real.
PETEY???!!!! PETEY!!!
Ah, I see. The Peteypedia explains the tech recall and reintroduction of tech. I can see how some items leapfrog over others. I'm going into this blind, so that was very illuminating.
Freaky that the FDA becomes a regulatory body for tech, too. The complex labor issues of factory farming and tech aren't that different. Phewwww, I need to lay down.
Eeee, I am loving this egg crack intro for ep 4!
Roadside egg stand is my sexuality
ASIAN LADY, this is not a drill 🚨
Ack, I got chills when she spoke Vietnamese! She does that two voice thing my mom does! All roses and butterflies in English but hellfire in Tagalog 🥶
What! How did she get their medical files! So shady. Makes me think Bezos wields that kind of invasive sway.

Scares me that while the world is burning we might be distracted from folks stealing our info and using it against us.
(Use strong passwords, don’t share them, don’t use the same one for every site you use!)
This is next level manipulation and it’s terrifying.
I had listened to the soundtrack without watching the show and I already liked it but wow, in context it rules.
lol museum design
So much good Rorschach references in the visuals. First Looking Glass’ mask and now Night’s face through a projection.
Topher knows you are lying!
Pancake tiiiime 🥞
Calvin with the very sobering explanation of death 😳
Of course Looking Glass has an apocalypse bunker
lmao who is this skinny Times Square statue knock off
Blake, that was unnecessary
I yell Petey!!!! whenever he enters a scene
lol Petey was in the backseat this whole time??
My nerdy-ass king
Fascinating. Triệu means tide 🌊 In my research of water spirituality for Fun City, this is a terrifying moniker.
Bian is someone I can actually cosplay!!
I declare we shall use this screencap as our only reply to reply guys from now on
Vivarium means 'place of life' aka a fancy biodome.
As a person who has had jauntily short, Asian hair; it is straight-up sociopathic that Trieu has those minutely placed whisps in her hairstyle.
I love that speaking Vietnamese is used this way. It reminds me of how my parents spoke Tagalog around me so I wouldn't hear what they were talking about.
I also would throw that catch back into the water.
I would not like to eat cake every day, I would eat one in one day and then never want it again. What torture!
Veidt, what the HELL.
Veidt, by the way, is an Austrian last name coming from St. Veit/Vitus protector from fire and lightning. Makes me appreciate the venue name choice in Brooklyn, too.
Calvin reading Chinua Achebe is so 👌🏻
We don't deserve Calvin!!
Why do all tech billionaires (sorry trillionaires) like to wear turtlenecks? Bian a clone (don't answer that!)
This elephant tea set is decadent.
My little thought about Bian being a clone makes me suspicious of Calvin who is just so perfect. Maybe too perfect? He doesn't like lying, he is uncomfortably straight forward with the kids.

Can the clones think for themselves? Probably a big plot point.
Knowing that names are important, "Little Fear of Lightning" definitely means we're getting a Veidt story.
Oh come on, how can you look at funnel cake and think "These people need to be saved!!!"
lmao Careless Whisper
I shattered an iPhone and got some glass in my finger, I can't imaging getting it in...other places.
What. A. Scene.
This made me so uncomfortable
I feel sick to my stomach seeing the outdoor dining.
If people haven't gotten over this in 30 years in the show, IRL I will never get over what is happening to us right now within my lifetime.
Yo, isn't that lettuce hella old now??
Baked beans and porn was not on my bingo card.
lol the way the security alarm makes synthy droid noises as it dies is so small but so appreciated.
Omfg the cloned pet store looks like and Apple store
Oh...oh god...oh god. Don't put the puppy in there!
Even if it was a clone, that was just cruel.
I'm so convinced the clones will rise up, even the puppies.
I think this extra-dimensional anxiety support group is a misdirection away from inheriting pain and memories as a clone.
I'm dog-whining
I like the friend of Nemo reference. Very clever.
Whaaat, Pale Horse is this universe's Schindler's List?
I'm sorry no, a giant squid is not the same as the Holocaust. That's not a great line to draw.
Oooh girl, let me tell you about America in 2020.
What you doiiiiinggg, don't go in there alone my dude!
Oh of course there are mirrors. Nice bookend. He is totally gonna die.
I knew he was in charge!
This show really loves landscapes of dead bodies.
Every good show has a pared-down, female vocal cover of a hit song.
It's funny that a cactus does kinda look like a microphone.
Ok, he may not have died died in that moment but definitely shattered.
Oh dear, a strobing effect warning at the top of the next ep.
Interesting that you shouldn't take other people's Nostalgia pills. Opposite thesis of Strange Days!
Ack! This is gonna rule!!!
I love the multiple memories coloring each other.
Lovely police conspiracy you got there.
The brutality is making me cryyyy
The N word is just so paralyzing, even more amplified in 2020.
Get you a bae who will put on your hero makeup for youuuu
Cyclops made Zeus' thunderbolts. Not a coincidence!
Seeing bigots get beaten up will not get old.
Romaine lettuce!!!! 🥬
No wonder Petey said the Minutemen show was garbage
When I hear Minutemen and this old timey soundtrack, I think of the first section of Fallout 4!
I tell ya, we got intuition about these things
Captain Metropolis is an Insta influencer
Baby, the world is ending! I DON'T WANT YOUR BOOTY RN
OH NO YOU DID NOT. Captain Metropolis is a white feminist!!
Nothing like a butchering warehouse to calm the nerves.
I freaking XENA YELLED at this scene
It is so disorienting to see a cop badge and the hood. You really don't know who you are rooting for or if you should at all.
What a scene. His police hat on his left, the projector on the right. If I remember my art history, left is devil's side in many religious pieces.
OH THAT IS TWISTED. The projector is also bad.
Again with the turtlenecks Lady Trieu!
Before I proceed, let's talk about Tim Blake Nelson, who was Delmar in O Brother, Where Art Thou? He's been in so many movies, it's dizzying.
Mmm let's pair my negative interaction with a cop with ep 7 of Watchmen.
Vietnam became our 51st state? Damn.
This vhs carousel is gold, I keep pausing to look at all the titles. Tusky = Babar! Ah, I see where Sister Night comes from.
Dad, no!
That guy with the backpack didn't have a mask.
Oh god. An infomercial in an injection??
Lordy, Mrs. Crawford doe not mince words.
lmao that was janky as hell
Oh, dutiful Bian. I feel for you.
You can tell Bian has no friends.

But this is a masterful line, given the context of her own family.
This scene is so good for many reasons! The reflection in the glasses, the judgment from a kid that is her son's age, Angela's measured responses. It's like she is speaking to a child but the child is speaking to her like an adult.
Jen's with one N are COPS
She just gave her the badge? That's like what parents give their kids as a commemorative thing.

Also, a child asking to listen to execution is...disturbing.
Ah, it's so so minute, but when she goes to bed in the orphanage the light is red and the walls are bright blue. So cool when they design for skin color.
Ah, that explains a bit more about how Bian conducts herself. Is she actually just Lady Treiu born again and again?
This trial scene is bizarre. I kind of want to see how they green-screened the same actors to make a room full of them.
Ok, so the game warden does not have the same eyes as Mr. Philips. He is def someone else.
I had a bit of confusion earlier thinking Glass' ex was the same blond at his EDA meeting and that it was a flashback. But they just knew his type.
No one told me pork rind was in this show
This seems so outlandish as they are chanting guilty at Veidt. You can see some of the awkward layering as they move to point lol
Ah, back in the biodome, I mean, vivarium.
Ahhhh, Lady Trieu with the amnesia facts. Further feeding my theory about Cal.
Ahhhhh, BIAN IS NOT HER DAUGHTER. Ok, I was guessing Lady Trieu herself but this is so much better.
Is Veidt her DADDY
Is Petey gonna save the day? I hope he does!
We are all v tired, Blake. So tired.
Senator Joe going all Avatar on us, restoring balance? Yoooooo
Reader, I screamed.
Wait, she smashed the keypad with a rock and it just unlocked? Most locks will just power down and remain locked lol
lmao I did not see that coming 🐘
Mommy June!!!
Angela has had a rough time, jeez.
Holyyyy crap, this extra on the left looks like my grandpa Robing!! He couldn't have been in this, he lives in Florida.
Hngggg, not great that all those public phone booths had cameras and recorded so many private conversations.
That made me SO nervous. lol I'm afraid of her
I don't think most people who watched this show know the pure terror of an Asian mom.
I told you all Jen's with one N are cops.
Cal falling asleep to Hemingway, unf
Eep, ack, ohhhh this is gruesome.
Screw it, I am incapable of doing anything today. Onto the next episode!
It's weird that Angela used the tunnel metaphor with Calvin, while Looking Glass was the one in a support group.
Nice, Rhapsody in Blue.
Now a very obvious Zeus allegory ⚡️
lol Blue Danube.
I commented on his butt before and I remain unchanged.
Ah, a bible, just like you’ll find in every hotel.
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