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#LosAngeles Done listening to 3 hours of testimony & public comments about the LA Voting System. Incredible that in all that time not a single member of the public testified with any kind of enthusiasm for the voting system. #VSAP #SecurityFail #LaVotes #SMARTelections
2. Instead ppl noted:
- The #VotingMachine can print on the paper ballot after the voter casts it potentially changing votes.
- The method that #security experts recommend: #HandMarkedPaperBallots is not being offered.
- the system is tabulating #QRcodes, something banned in CO
4. Experts say races held on #BallotMarkingDevices (like the #LA #VSAP system) can't be audited because you don't know if the computer accurately recorded the voter's intent. Here's a PDF explaining this. based on the work of @philipbstark & #AndrewAppel
5. After hours of ppl saying they had no faith in the system, that they're angry & scared, @LACountyRRCC said the system had passed all it's tests. Not true. Because the SLI testing rep said there were still issues w/error checking, functional security issues & encryption.
6. I'd like to hear more about some areas where SLI said the #VSAP system has not passed tests:
- Error checking. Not a minor issue. That's how we know the count is accurate
- Functional security issues - sounds important
- Encryption is fundamental to #security
7. @LACountyRRCC says #LA #VSAP #voting system developed w/ @MIT @RiceUniversity @UCBerkeleyST @VerifiedVoting @CenDemTec Are these orgs saying they support the system in its current iteration? Are you concerned about serious #security issues being raised? Plz weigh in. #LAVotes
8. Amazing stream of passionate/well-informed speakers at the hearing including @TrentLange @ScrutineersUS Emily Levy @virginiasmartin @VoterGa @MimiKennedyLA @SEGreenhalgh. Plz add your tag if you spoke! I don't have everyone's tag. #VSAP #LAVotes #SecurityFail #SMARTelections
9. @SEGreenhalgh spoke on problems w/testing labs. Important point. Tests are done by labs. But labs are paid by vendors (in this case the county.) So Dean Logan is the lab (SLI's) CLIENT. I heard A NY state election commissioner actually call this lab SLI a "whore".
10. So can we trust the #VSAP tests from SLI? Probably not. A machine that has passed its #security tests, but still has multiple security problems is not being tested correctly. These issues must be addressed prior to further use. #SecurityFail #LaVotes #SMARTelections
11. Reply with why you don't support certification currently for #VSAP.
#LAVotes #SecurityFail
@AlexPadilla4CA & LA Supervisors @HildaSolis @mridleythomas @SheilaKuehl @SupJaniceHahn @kathrynbarger Plz note the contents of this thread & the many national #security & auditing experts who are concerned about the severe security deficiencies in the #VSAP system. Thx! #LAVotes
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