hey this may be a leetol controversial but uhh I'm just gonna say it cos it's important!! if u are legitimately trying to design a new flag or any sexuality,,, it has to actually be good design. and not like "ur flags are ugly" I'm talking about accessibility and ease of-
replication. the main thing I'm talking about are flags which have VERY similar shades of the same colour next to each other because that just,, does not work,,, firstly because for some people with vision issues they literally will not be able to distinguish between the-
different stripes and secondly bcs the main thing that lgbtq flags are used for is merch, art, stuff like that. and it will be very hard for artists and creators using traditional materials to have that range of shades in just one colour. and so a lot of the flags that are often-
proposed are flawed because they literally cannot function in the way that the most popular current flags do. the simplified redesign of the lesbian flag is a good example of how to redesign a flag well because there is a very distinct different between each colour. and of-
course im not talking about any flags ppl create just for fun for themselves or like the "gays who ___" flags but if you are genuinely trying to propose a new flag to be used by everyone then you do need to consider these things. also I did make this thread after seeing the-
purple mlm flag being posted but I don't know if the person who made it wants to propose it as the official gay flag or if it's just like a personal thing they made for fun and to share with others, and this isn't just about them bcs ive seen it happen a lot (such as with the-
pan flag redesign) so pls don't take this personally or anything!! the flag is indeed very pretty!! I just kinda wanted to put this out there because I feel like it's important and I hope that it can maybe help ppl who are thinking of proposing a new official flag design -🧭
(also as a side note, the blue and green flag with a white stripe isn't a mlm/nblm flag, it is a gay flag. so either way disregarding the issues about the similarities to the lesbian flag, it should not be used to represent the mlm/nblm community as a whole!!) -🧭
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