Me: it is so great to see an org that has made accessibility & equity a priority and values its leaders with disabilities

Also me: I would need more accommodations than another person to be in a leadership role; maybe the org deserves better

Internalized ableism is the worst.
Disability justice is about a world that is inaccessible and changing the systems that make it so.

As Baba Baxter Jones says, every person is disabled or temporarily not disabled.
We should always be challenging ableism in our spaces. The reality too is that it can be really difficult to challenge it when internalized. That work is important too.

So many narratives out there about what "strength" or "dedication" to a cause is when you have a disability.
There's also such fundamental misunderstanding about what disability is. At the very least, a disability is any physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Bad eyesight is a disability. Glasses are an accommodation.
Take the glasses example. When we think about how access to vision testing or getting glasses when needed plays out, especially for kids, we can then note the disparities along other aspects of identity, especially for those from the global south and along class/economic lines.
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