Rusesabagina’s arrest was a long time coming: Jeffrey Smith and Co are barking at the wrong tree.

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I met Rusesabagina for the first time in Virginia at George Mason University.
After that encounter I got interested in knowing more about him. A few years later in DC I had a conversation over coffee with a reliable source that informed me that the FBI and Rwanda’s Prosecution had, since the mid 2000s, been jointly investigating Rusesabagina.
The investigation was specifically on Rusesabagina’s financing of FDLR, a group that the US had black-listed as a terror outfit.
FBI had received some evidence on Rusesabagina’s terror financing activities from Rwanda’s Prosecution; however, it was the FBI that unearthed most of the evidence linking him to financing terror. FBI had also uncovered that he had committed some of these crimes while on US soil.
Based on Rusesabagina’s residency status, Belgium interested itself in the matter and joined what was until then a joint investigation, between the FBI and Rwanda’s Prosecution. Belgian investigators thereafter searched Rusesabagina’s home.
Therefore, apart from his recent involvement with terror groups, Rusesabagina has been on the radar of international law enforcement (US, Rwanda, Belgian, among others) for many years.
People like Jeffrey Smith who are making noise over the arrest of the Hotel Rwanda “hero” and the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” recipient should contact the FBI to challenge its evidence if they won’t believe Rwanda’s.
It is also revealing that rather than deny that Rusesabagina isn’t the kind of person to commit a crime (which also can be put to the test by the evidence in the custody of the FBI) they are referring to his medal, as if it were an accessory and license to commit crime.
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