Devo cofounder and acclaimed composer @mmothersbaugh contracted the coronavirus in early June, when virus-induced hallucinations led him to believe that he was recovering from a vicious beating in downtown Los Angeles.
The “Whip It” singer contracted the virus in L.A. in late May while his family was in Palm Springs. His delusions lasted more than two weeks. Three harrowing months later, Mothersbaugh and his family are back together and virus free.
Mothersbaugh says he also hallucinated future plans for @DEVO. In his hallucination, the band performed it on the streets of Hollywood — through the use of augmented reality. “We were standing on top of these projections, which were growing somehow.”
Despite the devastating experience, Mothersbaugh says it was also unfortunately instructive, as it confirms an argument that he and his groundbreaking band, Devo, have been making for nearly 50 years.
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