I've been meaning to do this for a long time, and today is the day.

Why? Because, I think it is CRITICAL that @realDonaldTrump start acknowledging the enemy WITHIN our gates.

Postulate: Did we REALLY won the cold war?


The Long Telegram
NSC 68, w/ commentary
https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/116178.pdf (Transcript & Original Scan)

The 'Long Telegram' was written in 1946.

It was the message home from Station Moscow, about the real threat of war between the USA and the USSR.

It identified WHO we are, and WHO they are.
Our media (new/right lean media) does a decent job of ID'ing who the enemy is; BUT it fails to go deep dive enough into history to provide context.


ANTIFA & affiliates are nearly a century old!

This fight is NOT new.

Kennan was tasked by State w/providing critical answers to NatSec Q's outlying Soviet Doctrine is

Rmbr doctrine has not changed in ~100 yrs but the methods have been refined. The Thucydides Trap is NOT between nation states,


Remember, this is Kennan assessing Soviet Doctrine.

Today, interchange Soviet Doctrine for Democrat Party Doctrine.


Again the Thucydides Trap that Bannon & @RaheemKassam talks about is NOT between NATION STATES, but it is between two conflicting ideologies
The Kremlin (&now the CCP) were always attempting to influence nation states in capitalist world.

The best outcome for (then) the Kremlin and (now) the CCP is for western world to be at odds with one another. NATO being split &dithering about $ is beneficial to The Revolution!
Kremlin admits that NOT all ideas borne out of capitalism are bad. In fact the PATHOS of free &open western world were identified in 1946 as exploitable for the gains of the Soviet dream.

The now co-opted Dem Party, has essentially purged all of its "false friends" of Revolution
Remember, the below was written in 1946!!!


Predicting endless wars, internal upheaval, and the "Democratic-progressives" that ultimately would put pressure on the system of Capitalist Governments.

It's far easier when you've purged the "false friends"
Ted Wheeler
Kate Brown
Jenny Durkan
Jay Inslee
Mayor Beatlejuice (Lightfoot)

These are NOT false friends of the revolution, they full on adherents.

But so too are the enablers like Dewine, Hogan, Romney, Kasich that by default, cheer on lockdowns &policies that provide cover!
Remember power structure of (then) USSR &(now) CCP China is only for the benefit of the inner party & Politburo.

If you desire to never be sent to the Gulag, you will be agreeable to the Revolution. The Gulag was the original Cancel Culture & it comes for you!
1must also question just what the conflict is!

Notice today decent & moral people of rural USA don't seem to participate in the thuggish & immoral behavior. Note mis-assessment of the doubt of "moderate socialists."

Remember, all false friends of the revolution MUST succumb!
Let history show...that the Regime is always the MOST insecure. The psychological aspects of the inner party of Demorat Party & counterpart Kremlin, CCP are merely overall compensation. Hence why they project at all times their fears onto political opposition.

The preceding is also why they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.

Marxism is a scourge upon the world. Today, it is quite clear, that our elites have used it as an infowar against us to create perpetual conflict so as to manipulate markets & men.
Marxist Leninism is a substitute for Man's Meaning! His PURPOSE! Or, in this instance, his moral imperative.

Striking a diametric opposition to the moral imperative of the United State's and its founding...

One is founded on FEAR
The other, on LOVE!
When BLM / ANTIFA Marxists stand in the street chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA" and dog whistle the approval of murder of their political enemies, they mean it.

This is NOT a culture/ideology with which you can negotiate. It only understand violence, and thus violence must escalate
Above cont'd:

Substitute Soviet for Democrat. (Red Star)

The use of paramilitary organizations, is not new. It is born out of fear of being seen as fraudulent. Remembering that all false friends must be purged.

It shares similar element w/ Jihad in "submit or die" mentality

Our world right now is war torn. 2 decades spent dithering in sand boxes and shit hole countries have made a country war weary. It is not surprising that domestic tranquility, neglected by NeoCons hell bent on seeking out monsters, have allowed terror nets domestically
As we will see later, when we examine NSC 68, the cultural decay of our society is the symptom of the infultration and perversion of institutions which are necessary to the sustainment of our American Experiment.

It is quite clear, MSM aids Dem/Marxists in self-hypnotism!
There are no objective truths by which members of the BLM / ANTIFA movement ascribe.

Again substitute Russian for Democrat.

Beyond: The conspiracy inside a conspiracy is the MSM & The Dem top brass. Example: Biden flipping script to "Trump Violence."

Who will tell Biden Truth?
So, if we now know that the Soviet (Marxist) doctrine is that which holds a very fragile coalition of "hypnotized" people together; what are they willing to do when that coalition begins to crumble?

IF the Democrat party wasn't that worried about November, why would they...
...be attempting armed & violent revolution targeting minority communities? Is it because their brainwashing jig is up?

So, how does the Democrat Party mirror the Kremlin or the CCP Politburo?
Internal policy; Dem speak of creating prestige for USA = breaking of (non-existent) systemic racism, opportunity for all in allowing open borders, noble pathos of health care for all & income inequality.

Empty promises of utopian society world has witnessed failure previously
NGOs, Universities, other institutions of influence &power that can legitimize Democrat / Marxist ideology will be prime participation targets.

Certainly, we witness this w/public schools, universities, non-profits.

Further more; false unity will be severed when expedient
Above Cont'd: Hence why we see calls for "Death to America."

The Democrat Marxists know they have now purged all but a few false friends of the revolution, and thus they can "split with the American compact" for serving their Revolutionary cause.
Stop thinking of our Cities & our States that have mass unrest as cities and states, and see them for Western nations that the DemMarxists can infiltrate.

Where unrest occurs, a vacuum occurs, and thus it is ripe to be filled by the DemMarxist leadership.
Note the above, "Toward Colonial Areas" (read greater LA from Mexican importation, the Twin Cities, with importation from war torn Middle East / North Africa / Muslim nations, and the PNW, with high Chinese influences). All of these Colonial Areas are ripe for new cultures
Further, this Balkinization sometimes brings with it poverty, and thus creates government dependency. Even without the importation of these new cultures (without emphasis on assimilation to post-racial/ethno cultures but to Americanisim), impoverished minority communities...
...were direct substitute.

Digressing momentarily for a pure analysis standpoint, combining w/ what @Timcast said over the weekend that vote by mail disenfranchises minorities & first time voters disproportionately, the violence is well timed in these power vacuums.
Should also point out, that the lawlessness that has reigned in these DemMarxist urban strong holds for 50+ years, has created a power vacuum that is solved by a family unit network that consists of drug/human trafficking gangs filling the void.

The irony is drug dealing is...
...met by death penalty in authoritarian regimes.

IF (not when) the DemMarxists can pull off their color revolution and elect Harris (not Biden), they will unveil their penultimate plan to destroy what little remains of the America that we purport to know.
Cont'd: That plan will be free &full release of any and all criminals from jails (more so than CCP Virus release) just as the Bolsheviks did. The ensuing chaos will be used in subversive charge against each "McCluskey", until such a time that all resistance pockets are collapsed
Tactics of Economic War on our own citizens, include the cancel culture and influence peddling that can be seen combined w/ the CCP's influence on the West.


Have all been co-opted into a cancel or lose sponsor dollars.
So too though, are our major corporations.

Where money concentrates there concentrates too much power. One thing that our forefathers would NOT have wanted was too much power in the hands of any one individual, collective, or company.

It stifles innovation, thought & freedom
When we see Elected DemMartist leaders congregate w/ mob of Trotsky-ites, we shd be aware that it is not for the benefit of their own political career, and it is merely a counter messaging camping to hide and deceive the uninformed.

But at this point, no dem feigns good manners
The Minnesota mayor that attempted to go to the street with the mob, was quickly overran. His intentions to quell violence MAY have been noble, but ultimately, it was that he could keep up appearances.

When quality center right media tells you that they wont stop, believe them
How deeply was the DemMarxist party of the USA infiltrated by the Kremlin in the 1960s? How closely does it operate today with the CCP?

We hear about "coordinated and funded" but we often ask "by who?"

Answer: Nation States.
Designation of ANTIFA & BLM as Terrorist Orgs would allow direct tracing of money & communications to CCP & 1 Red Square that have keen interest in seeing USA crumble in civil war / violent unrest.

All while the billionaire oligarchs of all countries cash in
Note that the rank and file of the Communist party have reached a ground swell here in the United States, that they have numbers in enough strength, in enough strategic locales, that they can unleash coordinated tactics of mass murder.

Yes, it is mass murder; wait & watch.
Note the critical theory/idenity politics the Soviets / KGB / 1 Red Square were planning to use as far back as 1946!!!

Racial division
Labor Unions
Women's Organizations
Youth Leagues
Religious Societies
Publishing Houses

The Canadian government! (Yup, I said it, PM Blackface)
Not just PM Blackface also too, useful idiots DeWine, Hogan, Abbot the last few weeks and the inner circle Inslee, Murphy, Wolf, Cuomo, all move in concerted effort as "favorable governments."

USA has really become a nation of nations

America First vs GOPe also contributes
I think it is HIGH TIME, that @realDonaldTrump @SenTomCotton & the good guys of the intel community, provide the details by which the CCP Virus was unleashed.


Proof to the world, of the evil CCP & its hegemonic enablers needed NOW!
No conspiracies, no coincidences.

Applying a bit of Occam's Razor to ALL of this, in the context of both this long telegram, and the follow on threading of NSC 68,

Panic & Fear = uncertainty / power vacuum
Politically charged election system of Western world combined w/ ...
...institutional root & infiltrated organizations.

Add in disinformation & violent direct (kinetic) actions to amplify the noise.

The signal is completely lost: That which is moral objectivity & the protection of the smallest minority, the individual.

So, this color revolution that we are seeing, just who is behind it?

ConInc media has been asking this question for weeks. We've talked about the coordination and the expert level of tactics at times, but no one wants to answer this question.

Theory: CCP
I think the CCP was on the brink of destruction. The "criminal organization" (loose based, but not that far removed) that partners with it was also on the brink of losing its influence around the world.

Not attempting to be too conspiratorial, but logical; 1play left, Hail Mary.
We are seeing a whole sale destruction of our personal, economic, political, and moral independence.

CCP Virus restrictions
Mask mandates
Follow on economic destruction
Political destruction of voting system
Now moral destruction of equal creation & pursuit of opportunity
Looked at through the lens of the "Long Telegram" and its metaphor for long game.

Unable to directly take over republican form of gov via the direct vote, the Marxists have taken over the government via the rule making process, lobbying, public/private partnership concerns
Woke capital is now a rule, not an exception.

Partnered w/ promise of "seat at the inner party" table, or at the very least, enough wealth accumulation to insulate from the despair that will be wrought upon a somewhat comfy Bourgeoisie.

Any doubt remaining CCP Virus is weapon?
Timing is everything and the timing of all of this is too coincidental (in theoretical / logical assessments).

Digressing momentarily, it is no wonder though, that our country while it has problems, still has moral imperative to solve those problems. Provided its not perverted
This whole paragraph is important in total.

Just substitute nations for states and ethnicity.

Pay particular attention to the LAST portion about royalty & aristocracy.

Our corporate and governmental betters have sold us out for decades all for a buck.
Hello John Brennan

Hello Chicago Police Chief
Seattle Police Chief

Even if not directly complicit, inaction for morality further emboldens!

Where are our Samuel Adams and General Washingtons?
Hello looking at YOU @GovLarryHogan @MikeDeWine @GregAbbott_TX for being useful idiots in creating necessary police state for your successors to come take over and wield for their authoritarian desires.

You're too clever, by half, to understand the HELL you have set to unleash
The KGB never died, they just went under ground, &partnered with the CCP (highest bidder).

No modus vivendi can exist w/ BLM, ANTIFA, their CCP handlers, network of KGB/Cuban Intel I wld suspect that the CCP paid for off books to allow this to come to a head.

Same para cnt'd diff emphasis.

In 1946 we had no way of knowing CCP wld become nation state Thucydides trap, but we shd have known Marxist Authoritarianism's "theology" would be come direct functional enemy of Western small r republicanism.

I too have convictions of solution!
Notice, that Kyle Wittenhouse showed us what occurs, when you do have to take kinetic action against these pukes. (I'm not advocating for poses of deputized citizens to take action, but if push comes to shove, it may be the only way to restore order).
Remember, @GenFlynn 's mantra about 2% dominating 98%.

2% is still LESS than (and thus weaker) than 98%!!!

We MUST build coalition of FREE &WILLING ppl to combat the ANTIFA / BLM terrorists, just short of full on kinetic war.

WE DO have the power to influence political power!
WE NOW, more than ever, MUST move to topple President Xi!

Retribution to the CCP MUST commence NOW and be SWIFT!

The CCP Lied and People Died. Period.

We today, 74 years on from "The Long Telegram" know Soviet System is house of crumbs. Communism always fails!
Rededicated to destroying the CCP & its influence, we destroy the influence that the criminal cabal is able to wield against a free people the world over.

This moral imperative MUST be taken up by EVERY patriot with a pen & a phone for the next decade to reclaim our institutions
Starting with the strict reform of EACH AND EVERY school board in the United States.

Scrutinizing the electable and accountable individuals on these boards to confirm just actions or fire their immoral edicts!
Now I understand fully why @WarRoomPandemic exists.

I want 1000s of WarRooms across our nation, and then across the globe!


It is TIME that we take back our information, providing objective truth that is necessary 2b "shining city on hill" ex: to the world!
Change Russia to CCP & DemMarxists

On One: We need ALL GOP leaders (yes, I'm looking at you @RandPaul @tedcruz @Jim_Jordan @GOPLeader @replouiegohmert, @senatemajldr) to CLEARLY and UNIFORMLY condemn ANTIFA / BLM for the Marxist assault teams that they are
While @SecPompeo Barr, and others in the administration have been doing a good job of educating the public as to the threat of the CCP, we need our congressional leaders to take to @SenTomCotton's wing & be real wingman(s).

@realDonaldTrump needs campaign msg & beyond on point
Even if that is morphing the POTUS weekly radio address into a modern POTUS POD!

Short 10~20 minute chats that can be downloaded across the world, on ALL PLATFORMs, blasted beyond the firewalls of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea!
On the CCP, while we stand to lose great value in the manufacturing resources we have invested in there, we stand to lose far FAR more if we continue to erode our national sovereignty & continue trade deficits.

But, most importantly; we cannot lose our culture!
We MUST be net exporter of tangible goods again!

The"self confidence/discipline/morale"depends upon it.

Racial issues still exist, that I will admit, but they are NOW at individual level of prejudice.Full employment provides purpose/meaning that rioting&racism will never fulfil
This, right now includes partnering w/allies like India, Australia, & Japan; free & open societies that trust their citizens and their self-determination.

We MUST end CCP Virus Lockdowns and authoritarian controls at home, then abroad!

And safe/effective vax MUST be OPTIONAL!
Combine that with a moral cause to call out the CCP & prevent them from playing God in a lab!

If all warfare is acceptable to the CCP, then so too, is its destruction to the human people.
"Finally we must have courage &self-confidence to cling to our own methods &conceptions of human society. After all, the greatest danger that can befall us in coping w/this prob of Soviet communism, is that we shall allow ourselves to become like those w/whom we
are coping."
To be continued.
Several months ago...this video of Yuri Bezmenov made the rounds.

Today, @JackPosobiec reminded us, he was right.

When I started this thread on Monday, I knew these things to be true, bear with me as I try to tie in some themes.
While our culture of Hollywood, Tom Clancy, BradThor, Vince Flynn, et al patronize the glory in thrillers of Bond, Jack Ryan, Scott Harvath, and Mitch Rapp,

The Soviets, the Cubans, the CCP, et al, DO NOT dedicate their resources to true espionage in the romantic sense
Stealing documents/technologies/ secretes while they do suit the end means of The Party & mil industrial complex, it is NOT where they spend the most resources.

Yuri said at most, the KGB only ever spent 10-15% of their budgets on these "direct romantic tactics"
Before I get further, I have stumbled upon two other extended play videos:

Disclosure, I am in the process of watching them.

1) is an hour long
2) is 4 hours long

I will update this thread w/ an addendum when I finish watching if I need to comment further...
Remember, at the end of the interview gone viral months back, Yuri left the audience with this...

"I am now in your boat. If we sink together, we will sink beautifully together. There is no other place on this planet to defect to."
Also in his interview: "The United States is in a state of war. Undeclared, total war, against the basic principals and foundations of this system...its the system, the world communist systems, or conspiracy...you do not have to be paranoid about it...
"Unlike myself, you have several years to live on, it's a ticking time bomb, and every second it comes closer. Unlike myself you will have no where else to defect to."

Though we are seeing a defection to "free states" & once flipped, there will be no other place to run!
So, what specifically does Yuri talk about?

We know he spoke of 85% of the KGB's budget went to psychological / destabilization operations, all to demoralize the enemy.

Total warfare / subversion.
Subversion in Soviet/Marxist ideology, unlike English, means a destructive, aggressive activity, aimed at destroying the enemy!

Nothing romantic about it.

Overt and legitimate activity...contrary to western law enforcement belief that it's blowing up bridges & buildings
An Actor
An Artist
A journalist
A professor
A priest!

You cannot subvert an enemy that does NOT want to be subverted; it IS a 2way street. These stewards of Western democracy have been subverted; they are entrenched & now, we need a generation of new patriots to return to good!
But, while we defeated the USSR by similar subversive means...we have foolishly engaged in the same behaviors that the Marxist Conspiracy executes. Exporting ideology.
Thus, opening of our economy to CCP was opening it to failure.

To those that argue that Nixon had no choice is short sighted and completely ignorant of the assessments of the Long Telegram & NSC68 in 1946 and 1950, respectively.
My tangential point of the above link is merely to point out, the conflict of the Eurasian landmass moved west, and thus, never really sunset, it just faded into the background & it continues to this day.
The push/pull of the Russian Collusion hoax, along with the subverted demoralization campaign that began under the USSR and was later adopted / augmented by the CCP is quite apparent now as we approach 11/3/2020.

One thing learned, is the Sino culture is always about repeating..
...history, AND, exacting revenge.

w/a network &plan already built as early as 1946, a strategic & plugged in ally (Cuba) with a HumInt network, time only needed to be passed until the momentum would become a self fulfilling prophecy
Coupled with access to the network laid by the USSR & Cuba, what better way to take down your greatest strategic threat, peacefully, and without them ever suspecting a thing?

Spring a destabilizing event (or several).

Remember, the Revolution IS the dream. Period.

Thus, hard adherents to the Revolution, will always plot to exact revenge and overthrow of the open Western form of government. It has spent the better part of 75 years fighting proxy wars for the ideological win.
As can be seen while we busy ourselves attempting to search out monsters & change other cultures to be made in image of USA, we have opened our door to importation of those same cultures that might, nay, do not value the same principals that we do.

Subversion IS a two-way game
In the name of critical theory,

Each one of these institutions has been rotted out, & its moral imperative / objective truth of what is logical, right, & decent, has been destroyed with it.

To combat the above, we must restore ethos & logos, and reject pathos / visceral reactions to these subversive tactics.
With the stage set & the President surging, tomorrow, first thing w/a clear mind, I will thread all of NSC 68.

We've identified the nation state players. We will identify in detail their methods.

Then we can look into the WHO of who has been subverted, and wielded against us
Sorry folks, i'm a bit behind, excuse me while I save the world.
Following on this thread, I'm going to do this in parts. I knew it would be a daunting thread when I started it, but I thought I'd be able to finish it sooner than later.

Alas, this afternoon I'm going to tackle the first part of NSC 68. No more promises for when I finish
Following on the theme of "The Long Telegram", NSC 68 highlights "where we are" (circa 1950) &where we are going...

Identifying the present risks, the Fundamental Purpose of both the USA & the USSR, we see the moral imperative of BOTH countries and how they serve the end means
So we have a good basis for this discussion, one must understand that in 1950, nuclear war was a very real concern. As Dan Carlin puts it in his Hardcore History podcast, "If a gun has always been held to your head, would you even realize the threat condition you're born into?

"Bombing ppl back to the stone-age was a real &true prospect in 1950s. After all, Japan learned that the hard way. In the blink of an eye, entire cities were able to be leveled. Now multiply that by many 1000s of times & that is the threat of nuke war."
(do note that those are paraphrases from the open of linked podcast).

But the assessment of risk between the USSR & the USA having an all out nuclear war, was a very real prospect.

Today, that risk still exists, but there are many more players w/ capability.

From NSC 68 open:
In 1950, we knew that the USSR had atomic weapon capabilities. We could also theorize that the escalation in arms development would not cease. After all, throughout human history, we have spent countless hours, toil, & money on developing better ways to kill each other.
But, what if, you never had to fire a single shot? What if you could destroy your enemy without the need to develop a weapon.

Worse, what would you spend to be able to destroy your enemy and keep him occupied forever, or better yet, turn him sympathetic to your end means?
"The moral, psychological, and political questions involved in this problem would need to be taken into account and be given due weight."

70+ years later, we know they were given the most weight and nuclear war was avoided.

Today, our problems rhyme in their similarities.
Make no mistake; today's Thucydides trap between the United States and the CCP is looking to reignite those world conflicts, from but only 100 years ago.
The CCP, its proxies, and the radical Democrat / Marxists of the United States are hell bent upon destroying all which is civilized.

We must recognize this risk for what it is; the full destruction of liberty, and the submission to authoritarianism.



"Open your hearts to Christ, and the joy that comes from God." No mortal man CAN ever take that from you.

With the players identified, then and now, we can now examine the underlying conflict.

By the Kremlin's design, there can only ever be conflict between the USA and the USSR. Today, that conflict exists between the USA, and the CCP.
Note that the present polarization of power the quality of the crisis; we are seeing that directly as it plays out right now on our streets.

Lest we forget, these networks were laid some 50 years ago, & the networks never went away.
Ask yourself if today's ANTIFA, is exercising it's responsibility to exercise ITS freedom in a way that is inconsistent w/ injuring the individual rights of another citizen?

Intolerance now reigns, on both sides of the political isle; but one side is willing to turn violent
Why does it seem, that the more we look at modern events, and combine them w/ historical context, it becomes more apparent, that the subversive (perverse) aspects of our street violence, the perversion of our Governors & Mayors on lock-downs is coordinated political revolution?
It is important to note today's globalists are communists! Period!

The permanent bipartisan fusion party was co-opted & offered a seat at the power table, in exchange for national / individual sovereignty. Though, true adherents believe in utopia, inner party sees $ & power.
A true battle between good and evil, the world has not seen any enemy as devious as Marxists.

Every ounce of freedom is antidote and persistent threat to closed society. Each destruction of our institutions, is intangible in scale, ultimately culminating in OUR collapse
Normalization of our society & language is the true intent of the subversive game Marxist Bolsheviks play against us. Today they are carried out in faux moral imperatives under false names like "Open Societies" & BLM. Proud partners of nation state enemies like CCP/Iran& Russia
Man's demoralization, or the debasement of his moral imperative, allows for the devil's tools to exert immortal control over the individual.

Remember, the CCP, the Party of Davos, and their affiliate criminal cartels, all see people as means to THEIR purpose - power and money.
So, how can we be shocked, that a virus (man made or natural) is used as a bogeyman for a final chapter play to crush the last resistance of human dignity?

Our elites are scared. They are scared of the great awakening of the individual, and his/her demand for sovereignty.
I'll disagree w/ assessments that some thing it's the coming of God / Jesus. I'll disagree that Trump is the savior, and/or the nobleman standing in to hold off the enemy until Christ's return.

Because the manifest destiny of man is suffering. We, the American ppl ARE unquie!
Our divine providence is that which ascribes morality to something FAR more superior than any man.

These Marxist,genocidal maniacs in the Party of Davos, fail to realize that our Christ's grace is our salvation. No suffering on earth can take that away. No MAN will subvert that!



"Open your hearts to Christ, and the joy that comes from God." No mortal man CAN ever take that from you.
As from above, we know the objectives of a free and self determining society are rooted in the laws of nature and nature's God. But what is the material environment that allows them to flourish?

The respect for ALL life is moral; but do not mistake that w/ sensationalism.
In our present time, BLM has a valid gripe on it's surface. But, b/c the logic is faulty, and the disregard for our nation's values is morally corrupt, we cannot negotiate a peace for the balkanized United States.

This provides our Enemy (the CCP) with opportunity for crisis
If one slows down their mind, and doesn't automatically react to the dog whistle of the propaganda / programming from the corrupt institutions, you can hear the message from good and wholesome Americans, including POTUS, who wish to defend the sanctity of life for ALL individuals
Our elites negotiated the opening of a Marxist, murderous regime in the CCP.

We did NOT heed the warning/outline of accepting the inherent risks/responsibilities for prestige in the world to maintain, nay, promote our principals of freedom and democracy, w/consent from allies.
We'll pick this back up tomorrow.
And by picking this back up tomorrow, I really meant four days later.

Sorry folks, it's been a bit nutty lately.
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