1) @rushlimbaugh had a great monologue on 5 signals that Demented Perv Biteme has fallen behind.

2) First, Michael's convention speech urging people--demanding people--vote. Now why? If Biteme has a 10-14 point lead? Second, Blind Lemon Don's on air admission that . . .
2) contd . . . the polling and focus groups on the riots were bad for DemoKKKrats; Third, Cankles' out of the blue recommendation to Biteme not to concede; Fourth, Botoxic's statement that Biteme shouldn't debate; and Fifth the fact that ALL the DemoKKKrat media on Sunday . . .
2) contd . . . unanimously tried to blame Trump for the violence. (Won't work, he says).

3) Rush argues that it just dawned on them Biteme will lose.

4) I agree these are important signals, but disagree with the premise. I think they have known for TWO YEARS that . . .
4) contd. . . ANY candidate they could put up was going to lose, some bigger than others.

5) Hence the comment from the black congressman that if they didn't impeach Trump (in 2018) he would win reelection.
6) NOW factor in the fact that Michael Manpig Moore warns DemoKKKrats they are looking just like 2016 & throw in the voter registration changes, the massive student vote shortfall (which I don't think most of the Hoax News media yet has come to grips with) & the shifting . . .
6) contd. . . black/hispanic vote & you see they are in front of a locomotive & think the light in the distance is a firefly.

7) Factor in also the recent BLM support poll in WI which went from 25% to ZERO since the riots & you have a recipe for DemoKKKrat disaster.
8) What we are seeing is a massive, once in a century political realignment featuring working people, middle class (black & white & hispanics), those concerned with law enforcement; those interested in a growing economy; and those who do NOT want a large military footprint . . .
8) contd . . . vs. internationalists, racists, all aspects of the national entertainment industry including sports (at ALL levels), elites/uber wealthy, Deep State intel and military, & the uber poor.
9) The numbers are on our side. The $ and influence are on their side.

10) American history shows that the people usually win these, regardless of the influence and power of their opponents.

11) For example, the US South was by far the RICHER region in 1860.
11) contd . . . Ten of the top 11 states by wealth were in the South; the value of slaves & land exceeded the total of all railroads and textile mills in the North. Even in the North, large numbers of bankers didn't want to rock the slave boat. But the people eventually prevailed
12) So I agree with Rush that the tide has turned.

"Trump has just hit his stride. He is gaining, the Hoax News media is losing."
13) And you can see this in the dominance of Trump ism at the RNC last week. None of the "lions" of the old Republican Party---the Bushes, Minion, Ru Paul, Sasshole & other dubsnuckers were anywhere in sight.
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