STOP with the gloom and doom “our votes don’t matter 45 will cheat and steal the election” prophecies. You’re doing more 2 suppress the vote than 45 is. I was talking to a young man this morning when I went stopped to get a Juice on the way to a meeting. I asked him if he was
Gonna vote & he said he was voting for local elections but his vote for president didn’t matter Bc 45 would cheat anyway. I was just telling someone on here this morning to cut that sh*t out and sure enough.. I was right. Young ppl spend A LOT of time on social media & if they
Hear their votes won’t count over & over from ppl our age who have voted numerous times.. they start to believe it. I tried telling him about the importance of this election & he said “I don’t mean any disrespect m’am but my mama and auntie have already tried this w/ me.” I asked
Him who they were voting for & he said they were both voting for Biden so that’s at least good news but this is a young man who sees numerous customers per day. Think of how many conversations he has. I keep trying to tell y’all the majority of non voters don’t vote Bc they
Think their votes don’t count & all folks are doing is validating that fear. Yes, I know Russia interfered but some of what I’m hearing on these twitter streets has NO evidence to back it up, and it’s in every single comment section. It’s mostly white ppl I see doing it too. The
“Trump is going to cheat and steal the election,” “that model doesn’t Account 4 GOP cheating,” etc, etc. Most of the swing states have Democratic SOS, governors, and/or AGs. Mike DeWine in Ohio was one of the first Republicans to come out against 45 trying to delay the election.
You’re not helping anything with that bullsh*t, and I know y’all won’t listen Bc you never listen to Black Women, but most of the ppl affected by your comments won’t encounter someone who will try and set the record straight, and it might be too late like it was today. He’s not
Voting Bc he honestly believes it doesn’t matter. Y’all have no one to blame but yourselves for that Bc I promise he heard that sh*t on here. Don’t you dare come into my mentions talmbout “they’re Russian trolls trying to cause division.” NO. THEY. AREN’T. These are white women
And men who think they’re making some sort of point & all they’re doing is affirming what non voters thought all along. It’s straight up voter suppression and no these are NOT Russian trolls doing this. You will not gaslight me like y’all try and do when we discuss racism & here
Someone comes flying into my mentions claiming it’s the Russians “trying to cause division.” I’m so tired of ppl using them as a excuse for every dam* thing on this app. These are doom & gloomers who don’t think before they speak and all they’re doing is suppressing the vote.
I was JUST saying this a few hours before I left & sure enough... then my meeting ended up being cancelled Bc only two of us showed up. Normally I would have been mad as hel* Bc I’m working remotely today and I was in my lounging clothes & didn’t want to leave the house but I’m
grateful this happened Bc now I know my instincts on this were right. The data backed it up too. Republicans are going to the polls. Despite all the rhetoric from 45 about Democrats cheating... they’re going. Why would you ever plant your as* in every comment section to cast
Doubt on this election? Think about what you’re doing. It makes no sense. The ppl we need 2 reach aren’t about to be swayed by you telling them over & over The other side is about to cheat them out of their vote. I’m so tired of ppl who don’t have everything riding on the outcome
Of this election messing it up for those of us that do. I know this won’t make one bit of difference Bc like I said y’all don’t listen to Black Women until it’s too late but I’m telling you what you’re doing is working.. FOR 45. Stop if you value democracy.
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