Piggybacking off my “Let’s steal from Walmart” tweet, I was thinking we could start a thread of good tips on HOW to steal from stores. Our communities are starving and we shouldn’t give them any money, so stealing is often the only option people have. any tips, drop ⬇️
Something I do at stores I’m not boycotting is pay for the cheap stuff and pretend to scan the pricey stuff in the self scan area. This version would require you to buy something though, so just keep that in mind ❤️
I think investing in jackets or pants with deep pockets is super important. It’s fairly easy to let shit slip on in as you walk around
If you DO get caught please remember that it could be a minimum wage worker, and we should always be kind ❤️
I don’t need to tell everyone that stealing can lead to consequences. Obviously be careful.
Oh and even if you are careful obviously you could still get caught so stealing is a risk.
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