jungkook’s comforting words and advices - a thread
"I will always be here. You can turn to me every time you want, or you can leave whenever you want. But always keep in mind, I'll be here for you."
“i will always be here”
“just do whatever you want” https://twitter.com/jeonsvely/status/1007268525143089152/video/
“Effort makes you”
this is so important
“you deserve to be loved”
“you need to make your own dream”
“hard work will get us somewhere”
“build your own goals and dreams”
jungkook wrote Magic Shop for those who want to escape reality and are looking for strength and consolation
“i hope you can overcome it and become an amazing person”
“I can’t just say cheer up no matter what but in the midst of this difficulty, try to find that small happiness” -090219 jungkook fancafe chatroom
“even if we have hard times, it matters a lot when we are happy” -120718 jungkook fancafe
“just because it's 2020, don't overwork yourself doing something, don't get hurt & be healthy so your body won't get bad, and i hope you fulfill the things you want safely! I'll always cheer for you”
“whenever you are drowning in sorrow or frustration, i’ll throw this tube at you so you could escape safely”
“i wish you heath and happiness each and every day”
“i’ll shine for you”
his advice for i-land
his life motto
“i hope you’re happy really”
"studying is important but i would like for you to do what you want to do because that's what real happiness is"
"I don’t know how each of Army’s life is like but inside the scope of your life, I hope you could find happiness & because of you all, we're happy. So I wish you guys can be happy too"
“Everyone be happy💜
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