Parents of children going into Y6, talk to me about where you're at with 11+. My son is bright but also highly strung, hard on himself re perceived failure, struggles with exam conditions. We've tried lots of things but I'm coming to conclusion it's not worth the stress for him?
If it had been a normal school year I've no doubt he'd have aced it but (bear in mind I have severe adult ADHD across all tested areas) he struggles to focus and apply himself and gets frustrated in exam conditions. We have done -so much- practise but have missed 6mths of classes
Not one of those helicopter parents who has mapped out a career plan from the womb. I didn't go to uni - left school after GCSEs - he's so smart it would be a shame for him not to realise his potential. But at the same time there are vocational ways to do that. I'm v conflicted.
Parenting is fucking hard and constantly having to second guess yourself in the hope that you're doing the right thing for and by this little human is whew. Times like this I wish I had someone to bounce this shit off who would say hey, you're doing ok
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