This week, schools across Alberta are opening their doors to thousands of students and staff as they start the 2020-21 school year. While many students will be in class, some will be learning from home. #abed #ableg 1/6
Whatever option families choose, getting back to learning after a summer break is an important time in any young person's life. #abed #ableg 2/6
To support a safe and successful return to school, Alberta's government has worked with school authorities, education partners, and health experts over the past several months on our robust school re-entry plan. #abed #ableg 3/6
This plan includes the use of masks when required, cohorting, extra cleaning, and daily screening to ensure students and staff do not come to school when they are feeling unwell. #abed #ableg 4/6
School authorities, teachers, and staff have worked hard to meet provincial and local guidelines, and I want to thank them for all of their hard work this summer. #abed #ableg 5/6
While this year will look different, I know that our students are excited to return to school. On behalf of Alberta's government, I would like to wish everyone in our education system an enjoyable start to a new school year. #abed #ableg 6/6
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