Ok. There seems to be some confusion out there, and my statements in this @LowimpactOrg video were not clear enough (my fault). ONCE AGAIN SLOWLY AND LOUDLY FOR THOSE AT THE BACK: Human extinction and the collapse of civilisation are not the same thing. 1/ https://www.lowimpact.org/can-we-avoid-ecological-collapse-julia-steinberger/
Human extinction in the next centuries is super-duper unlikely. It's not impossible, because that's a tall order, but it is VERY UNLIKELY. Why? Lots of reasons. First of all, there are 8 billion of us. Second, humans are very VERY smart & adaptable. 2/
So no single event can wipe us out, only a combination of many very unlucky and devastating events, making it highly improbable. Okay? No one sensible is predicting human extinction any time soon. If they are, they might just be from the Piers Corbyn school of science. 🙃🤪🤥 3/
The end of human civilisation, however, is unfortunately not at all so improbable: all it takes is something which would damage our capacity to grow lots of food. Civilisation is really a shorthand for reliable agricultural surplus. If that goes, civilisation goes. 🌽🍞🥔🌾4/
And the climate crisis is definitely a threat to agriculture, especially at the higher possible temperature range, which could in principle be reached within this century. This is not good. It's very, very, very bad. However it's hardly a secret. 5/
Scientists have been saying this more or less bluntly for over a decade, using the term "existential threat" or Schellnhuber's quip "What's the different between 2 & 4 degrees of warming? Human civilisation." 6/
So there is no need to get all doomer/conspiracy on my ass just because I stated what lots of other people have already stated, ok? Calm down. As you were. The mission is still to defeat fossil capitalism, not to "surrender" to collapse - got it? Glad we cleared that up. End/
PS: go check out @DrEmilyGrossman 's "Emergency on Planet Earth" document because it is a fantastic communication summary of the science of climate/ecological crises. 🥳🎉💪👏 https://twitter.com/ScientistsX/status/1299390286913654784
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