#MondayMorning #thread on #Fascism.

Italy, 1923:

"When they found the working class and its leaders uncompromisingly hostile to the social side of their programme, they naturally began to emphasize its national side. /1
The energetic affirmation of Nationalist principles brought to Fascism an influx of intellectuals, professionals, small employees, and many members of the lower middle class, besides a multitude of young men, ex-officers, and students; /2
these people believed whole-heartedly in the patriotic mission of Fascism, in the purification of civil life and the strengthening of the moral fibre of the Nation. /3
The old idea of ‘the Nation’ proved once more to be an effective stimulus to action, disinterested action for the ‘Nation’s salvation.’ /4
To such men violence was only a means of attaining to a better condition of Society; in Fascism, they saw a political and ethical significance which transcended the happenings of the moment, and appeared as a permanent principle, as a re-birth of morality and civil life.” /end
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