It's amazing to me to see #mapoli savvy-types claim that @edmarkey 's embrace of @aoc and the #greennewdeal came as some kind of surprise.

It was the most natural thing in the world -- for him, and for AOC.
Ed and @AOC are kindred spirits, in that they a. make good trouble, and b. are serious about doing the actual work. AOC is *prepared* for hearings. She's conscientious. She makes coalitions, sometimes to the frustration of her leftist fanbase.

IOW, she's serious about power. 2/
The @EdMarkey campaign has done a masterful job of digging up old footage, riffing off of Ed's epic, anti-establishment 1976 "desk" ad, ad infinitum; but also showing old nuclear freeze rally footage; etc. People forget, but he's done movement politics before! 3/
That Ed can *also* go inside, mastering details and process, and come out with legislative W's, is what makes him special. 4/
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