I hate to sound ungrateful but since the publication of 'Algorithmic colonization of Africa' I've been getting emails along the lines of 'are we doing it wrong?', 'what should we do?' & 'how can we do it right?' type of emails mainly from Westerners working on tech in Africa. 1/
First of all, I am not an expert who issues a seal of approval (& I'd be suspicious if anyone claims to do so) & second, now that my article has made you consider your work critically (thank you so much for reading), my job is done. 2/
The rest is up to you. You can apply the same critical thought and find solutions to your own questions. Even better, pay African scholars to explore those question for you. End/
Heartwarming emails, on the other hand, which seem to come from fellow Africans, are very appreciated ☺️💜 #Solidarity
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