I have a lot of clients who are Duel diagnosed. White fauxgressives & their accomplices are delusional if they think a flood of mental health services will be available under M4A. Once provided payments are slashed, we will see Most providers go to cash only. They probably won’t
be able to do a sliding scale Bc they won’t have private insurance 2 balance out the books. Most providers already expect patients to pay up front and seek their own reimbursement. Community Mental Health centers that pay their providers through grants will have loooong
Waiting lists ( they already do) Bc they’ll not only have their usual Case load, they’ll have clients who Won’t be able to seek reimbursement Bc private insurance would be eliminated. The only ppl who will have smooth access to mental health services will be those who are able to
Pay 250.00 up front for a hour long session. If they think providers are about to take kibbles and bits that won’t even keep the lights on, they’re only fooling themselves. The majority of them will simply go to a cash only system & community mental health centers will be
Impossible to get in to. Now let’s talk about the second SS. @Laura4Senate was a candidate for state senate. I’m not sure why this little white girl feels like Laura’s finances are her Buisness but campaigns cost money. Most Black candidates who don’t carry water for white
Fauxgressives or white MAGOTS don’t get millions of gentrified white dollars filling their coffers. A lot of campaigns end up in debt and collect donations to close the books out so they can start fresh if they choose to run again, and so they don’t have that debt hanging over
Their heads. I see she hasn’t said sh*t to Jason Call who lost his primary August 4th but is asking supporters for money to pay his vendors he still owes. He’s white tho. 💁🏾‍♀️ So I guess he’s not a “grifter,” and can be trusted. That man is the Wayne Dupree of the left or at least
He’s trying to be. The minute he decides a public option is acceptable Bc it would balance the books and providers would still be able to keep their doors open w/o having to switch to a cash only system, they’ll drop his a*s like they did to Andrew Gillum when he wanted to expand
Medicaid. They’re just as thirsty as white MAGOTS are. What he’s saying doesn’t make a dam* bit of sense but he’s got almost 45k thirsty as* white fauxgressives swinging from his ashy as* 🥜 Bc he tells them they aren’t racist & allows them to denigrate other Black ppl in his
Presence. They don’t GAF about Black ppl Bc Beth’s white as* started right in w/o even caring what the circumstances were. He’s starting a podcast for “Black leftists.” 😂🤣 Blexit? And u shoulda seen the white salivation that followed that announcement. #Twosidessamecoin
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