I love trolls but not like... The stereotype? I mean... We've seen them (the npc mobs) being wild warriors, making sacrifices, canibalism, etc but

What I do like is them being more than that. I like them being students of their history, legends and so, I like them being +
Responsible members of their tribe, taking care ones of others because they're a family, being good parents, good husbands/wives, being respectful with their elders, the nature, their culture...

Maybe I'm wrong because I still like their "savaje" side but
That's a small part of what they are for me. I think they can have a society, a civilization, without mimicking the white-european-human one.

I think it was an error (I apologize to POC here because maybe I shouldn't talk my opinion here. I'll delete it if it's not right) +
to take the loa or elements from real world and changing them into what we see ingame because it's not right to take people's beliefs and then turning them into something cruel, bloody and savage.

I think that's harmful for a lot of people.

I'm sorry if I offended someone
With this thread.

As much as I like trolls being jungle warriors who make sacrifices to their gods, I understand thats a racist stereotype. But trolls are more than that IMO and I try to show it in my OC.
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