There is an extensive gaslighting operation on the subject of the culture war.

By way of context, broadly speaking, the "culture war" refers to a series of political and philosophical disputes about a number of interrelated cultural issues. /1
At their core, these disputes can be summed up as a struggle to determine the relationship between subjective feelings and reality.

For example, we all know that men can't get pregnant or have periods but since this is uncomfortable for.../2
...some transmen to hear (because it suggests they aren't real men) we fight over how to best accommodate their feelings while retaining an understanding of basic biology.

We all know that discrimination is bad, which is how we know that applying it in reverse is also bad.../3
...but you will struggle to explain to people that there is no such thing as "positive" discrimination because it's upsetting to the people in whose favour we now discriminate.

Even though the argument for ending discrimination.../4
... is based on precisely the same logic that would lead you not to discriminate against *anyone*.

Now, with that introduction in mind. What is the gaslighting narrative? /5
You may have noticed in recent weeks that a lot of people on the woke Left are starting to describe the culture war as a thing that is happening *to* them. They don't see themselves as warriors on one side of this contest. In other words.../6
...their argument (subjectivity>reality) is the status quo which is being attacked by evil culture warriors. This is a fundamental distortion of the reality that over the last 20-30 years, they have been gradually eroding the *actual* status quo of the central tenets of.../7
...Western civilization: rationality, freedom of expression and the scientific method.

This is a trick as old as time - presenting yourself as the peaceful defender of righteousness while placing explosives under enemy fortifications. The truth about the culture war is.../8
...that it is a battle over whether in our desire to throw out the bathwater for the sake of continued progress we throw out the baby of Western civilization with it. And if this war was the preoccupation of the whole world, it might have been a tolerable indulgence. But as.../9
...we may soon discover, we have powerful enemies, to whom our internal discord is merely a sign that it's their turn to be the global superpower. /End
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