Important announcement for Carnatic music lovers!

The 94th annual conference of the Music Academy of Madras, will be a series of concerts, online! Here is the schedule!

I have already selected the concerts I am attending! ☺️🙏

This year, music concerts begin from 24th of December to the 31st. No inaugration ceremony and no annual Sadas. At least no formal announcements till now. What about Sangita Kalanidhi?! No clue! Let's wait and watch!

This Chinese virus has ruined everything for everyone! 😷🙄
Some of the big names among Carnatic musicians missing in this year schedule are :
Abhishek Raghuram
Bombay Jayashree
Malladi Brothers
Mysore Brothers
Pantula Rama
Aruna Sairam
Amrita Murali
TNS Krishna
Sandeep Narayanan

Morning slot gone! 😔
Some more names missing are :

- Sriram Parthasarathy
- Trivandrum Baby Sriram
- Shertalai Ranganatha Sharma
- Bharati Ramasubban
- Archana and Aarathi sisters
- Trichur Brothers
- Palghat Ramprasad
- Flute Jayanth
- Mayilai Karthikeyan
- Mahati

Veterans slot totally vanished!
This year won't feature veteran artistes like

- Vedavalli
- Neyveli Santanagoplan
- Trichur Ramachandran
- TN Krishnan (Christmas morning kacheri)
- Manda Sudharani

What about morning lecture sessions?! No clue! 😔

Ayyo!! This entire season already feels so dull! 😔
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