A lot of replies to this saying there was never a "sensible Brexit": it's an oxymoron; a fantasy. In other words, in effect, there is no practical/safe means to exit the EU. Ever.

But to quote some folk in recent years, "people should have the right to change their minds"... /1 https://twitter.com/rolandmcs/status/1299957490696826880
The EU undoubtedly places constraints on what a member state can do (that's sort of its point), even if the state's electorate demands otherwise. This is the "obligations" part of "rights and obligations" and it is at the heart of the Brexiter sovereignty/democracy argument.
Are you quite sure that, for all eternity, we are happy with this and won't change our minds? Eternity is a long time when we can't even predict next year.

And if we do change our minds but in practice can't safely do anything about it, is that really a recipe for harmony?
Deriding a sensible Brexit is the hill upon which some Remainers have chosen to get stuck "with no practical means to exit", you might say: Can't persuade Leavers (or even ex Leavers) to join them; can't stop Brexit; and by definition can't argue for a softer "sensible" Brexit.
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