📏Meso American Mathematics📐
The Mayan civilization used 0 as a point of origin as opposed to 1 like Roman numericals concepts.
Islamic math developed and expanded mathematics known. Contemporaneous with but independent of Mayan civilization mathematics where the concept of 0 was given the standard symbol of the Maya numerals.
My genius friend @thamdan7 helped me on this one. Male is representative of 1. Where as Female represents 2 as female can bear a child and 0 being a baby 'in utero'(great Nirvana album btw). Also..
A side note: Tesla came up with the concept of 3,6,9 a geometrical sequence for the spiritual world. Elites know this very well, but I digress...
So different concepts here but concluding to the same "spiritual world" propositions that make up a 3 point diagram.
So what's the most beautiful mystery of the universe? A baby, a soul, I dunno you tell me! Since I used a Kurt Cobain reference on this thread, I'll end it with some of his artwork.
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