Still trying to understand how this debate debate about Adele's hairstyle benefits future generations of "black people" around the world.

And can Black Americans stop forcing other black people around the world to view "race" through the Black American perspective? 🤦🤦
Black Americans are so culturally disconnected from other "black people" around the world and they make no effort to bridge that gap.

They instead continue to ignorantly view themselves as custodians of the cultures of ALL black people around the world.
They somehow assume that other black people around the world share the Black American idea, experience, perspective about race and racism.

Whereas what they need to be doing is to travel more, learn more, connect more with other black people around the world.
And I personally still don't get how Black Americans want to eliminate racism by enacting and promoting lifestyles and cultures that are racist towards non-black people, especially whites. I have had this debate several times and I honestly still don't understand it.
I know someone will come here to pontificate about how racism has to do with power structure and whatnot.

But for me, discrimination or segregation against any person or group of persons based on their skin color is racism. As simple as that.
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