Our worst nightmare has come to pass: Someone tied to the protests in Portland is dead. The investigation into this tragedy will reveal who is legally responsible. We already know the President is morally responsible. His conduct is craven and cowardly.
Our country needs a healer in chief, not an inciter in chief. As extremists rolled into Portland bearing weapons and bad trouble, Trump egged them on & called them patriots. Shame on him. True patriots don't seek to divide us with hate.
I am thinking tonight of Julia Jackson. A mother whose faith & love for our country moved her to call for healing & unity even as her son, Jacob Blake, lay critically injured.
“We are the United States," she said. "Have we been united? Do you understand what's going to happen when we fall? A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Her patriotism makes our union stronger: more just, more equal, more perfect. This is our America. We shall not fail.
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