The biggest challenge we have right now is that Hindus especially of age around 18 are abandoning Dharma and culture.

Most Hindu college students these days think that Dharma is regressive and irrelevant.

We are on path of extinction, It's just matter of time
I have noticed these students make fun of Hindu gods but respect and bow down in front of gods of other religions.
They don't let anyone mock other religions but they themselves mock Hinduism.
Why is this happening?

1. Lack of knowledge about Dharma

2. Influence of Bollywood

3. Influence of web series

4. Glorification of western civilization

5. Blindly following western ideas
So what can we do?

1. Proper Education about Dharma

2. Glorification of Indian culture

3. Demonizing western hedonism
Our message must reach the youth,
Through memes, videos, infographics, threads, articles etc

Talk to youth around you communicate with them tell them about Dharma and culture

And whatever questions they ask about Dharma MUST be answered

Use #Ask_VW to ask me those questions
But care should be taken that they should not feel like we are preaching them, telling them to do things according to our beliefs.

Make them feel that they have wrong beliefs and they should use their own mind to follow the truth and Dharma is truth.
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