Sometimes you have done the inner work but you haven’t been able to step into the new fully because you haven’t shifted the energy in your space. Its important to move objects, declutter and transform the space to match your intentions.
If you have objects around you that reinforce the past or remind you of an old relationship, old cycle, or just a way of being that no longer works, it’s important to cleanse or clear them. You may want to put them away in a box somewhere not in your sight or even donate them.
Objects definitely hold energy so just be aware. However how you handle things has everything to do with how charged up they are and how skillful you are at transmutation. You can absolutely ‘reclaim’ objects with the right intentions.
Some people will replace an entire bed and mattress after a relationship ends in order to cleanse that energy. But rather then follow any set of rules, just let your guides direct you. We can always find creative ways to be resourceful.
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