Give me squishy thigh Bakugo. Give me a Bakugo who hates his soft, squeezable thighs so much he wears compression shorts AND baggy pants.

Give me Shouto Todoroki catching Bakugo in the shower, seeing those thighs and that tiny waist and just saying "You're very thicc."
Shouto who then starts sending Bakugo 'Is this you' meme's but they're all just the word 'Thicc' in various fonts.
This is absolutely Natsuo's fault because bad influence big brother /would/ teach baby star Shouto what 'thicc' means.

But Shouto blames Kaminari because the dude likes to think he's corrupting Shouto. He isn't, but it's cute.

"Shut the fuck up."

"Katsuki, let me rest my head on your thighs."

"Come near me and I'll crush your skull between my thighs. How about that?"

"It would be an honor. What a good way to go."

"What the fuck?"
Shouto with a concussion. "Katsuki please, I'm injured."

"You disgust me."

"That's not that hard to do."

"You're right, it's not."
Shouto gets to lay his head on Katsuki's thighs one time and he's just "This really is how I want to go. Peacefully, in my sleep, an inch away from your dick."

Katsuki throws him off the couch and screams.
Also can we please just agree that Shouto would absolutely badger Katsuki into letting him grab a handful of the backs of his thighs as he spots Katsuki while he does chin-ups.

"You get /one./"

"I'll make it count."
And he does make it a good one but it embarrasses the fuck out of Katsuki because he /likes/ it and now he's just yelling again but Shouto's like-

"/Nice./" Because he's an idiot but also he's a heathen.
Katsuki gets to the point where he uses his thighs against Shouto.

"Oh, you don't want to spar, fine, compression pants stay on for another week."

"Don't want to get out of your room and stop moping? Guess I won't wear shorts."
Shouto in all seriousness to the BakuSquad.

"I will give you 50,000 yen if you get me a picture of Katsuki in those shorts that say juicy on the butt by Saturday."

"Dude that's stalk-"

"He knows about this wager, he's getting the money if no one gets the picture."
"He's going to be wearing them once a day for ten minutes in public, minimum. I'm counting on you."

"This is the weirdest way we've ever spent spring break. but fuck yeah free money!"
Ochako gets the picture even though she isn't in the squad, but they let her have it cause honestly she deserves it after what she went through to get the photo.

Those poor lawn flamingos.
It also probably turns into a set up game of "How can we get these two to start dating?" for Shouto and Katsuki and when they do, you bet Sato bakes them a congratulation cake that says "Thicc thighs really do save lives"

He has Izuku deliver it.

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