What the hell just happened? August MewGulf version a tread

(If someone read this just know English is not my first language so I have many grammatical mistakes)
Everything starts with this beautiful song (streaaaaaaaaaam)
August 1, global press conference
Gulf arrived a little bit late to the event with a bouquet of red roses, red that according to him, means love, with a ribbon which said "always by your side" and all of this for his special person, who? Well you already know 😏
And again, we and every single one in that room became air
This just to remind you the spellbound Gulf's face while watching Mew singing and Mew's smile when Gulf arrived
Also the dressing room situation
Where P'James spilled the tea and told us how MewGulf just locked into the dressing room and didn't let anyone else came into there 😏
Gg and then we have these photos, where both of them had this particular lipstick change
As an extra, this video of Boom where he was like teasing Mew talking about how sweet they (MewGulf) were being
And I mean, they were 😏
Move on to the next date kub 😏
(Sorry but I'm not good at memorizing dates so...)
I believe is August 2nd
Gulf sang Season of You, he forgot the lyrics and Mew, so willing, whispered them to him
Mew with his hands around Gulf's neck 😏😋
Smotheé event ( I dont have any idea what date 😅)
MewGulf were asked to remove only their bathrobes, Mew was like oh How boring... and Gulf be like what's boring ? 😏
The keyword here is "only"
As an extra Mew used this magical word "Tuaeng" again to call Gulf 😋
And then we have Mew (aka best boyfriend) trying to convince Gulf and the doctor that Gulf's skin is just perfect
Another beautiful day
MewGulf casually hugging in the middle of a mall surrounded by what I like to say is just air aka people, reading their scripts
Cr owner
Talking about casually things MewGulf do, holding hands is another one
Here, Missha's live,applying lipstick to each other, getting inspiration from each other's lips
Mew just told in international TV how he and Gulf had taken a shower together, only wearing boxers of course.
Later we were enlightened of how Gulf had been the one who asked to take the shower together 🤯
This just because it made me laugh
Thanks to our captain 🥰
Then, Tap tap's live (is this the name? Haha not sure)
The live started with the social distancing thing 👀😂
Thing that took MewGulf like 2 minutes to forget
And boom! Holding hands
And how to forget protective Mew during the whole live 🥺❤
When the live ended, we have a beautiful video of Mew casually hugging and kissing Gulf's neck
In another show, Mew sang a verse of Season of you to Gulf 🌱
(Take this moment to stream SOY👀)
This one:
Okay but Gulf just said that when he's interested in someone he sends stickers to that person
And I mean I don't even have to explain the image below 😏
In this Live Mew told us how he had had a hard scene where he supposed to cry, and Gulf just waited for him until Mew finished even if he didn't have scenes anymore
And just comforted him
Ahhhh crying
Haha in this live Mew said Gulf always send him stickers 👁👄👁
Okay then we had the "I already have the 19m, just waiting for someone to love me back" moment by Mew Suppasit
And also Mew casually saying that Gulf is cute, something we know but good to hear
Mew said Gulf is like a sunflower 🌻
(Later in vlive he said he loves sunflowers 👁👁)
(This is part 1 just cuz I don't understand how Twitter works bye )
Part 2
Then we had this video
I just gonna say Mew looked really... interested in Gulf's lips 👄👀
A insta story from Alex 👀 person from TTTS

Here her profile: https://instagram.com/sixsuperstar?igshid=427goidttlns
Thairath interview with Mew ☺️
Mew so precious basically said he likes to protect Gulf cuz he doesn't want him to face the same bad things he has to face when he just started in this industry, so he teach and support him
Another thing he said was that if in the future there is no Gulf he would feel empty
Okay move on kub again 👇😭
Next is an interview with Gulf to L'Officiel

Our beautiful boy just dedicated a song to Mew called "Love you with all my heart" by Pause 😳 (a thai song)
Here the lyrics:
Cr https://deungdutjai.com/2012/06/17/rukturtungmotkaunghuajaijoe/
Well let's cry once again
In a Mame's live she told us how Mew was shooting a hard scene where he was really affected by the emotions so he requested Gulf
Then he hold Gulf's hand and put it on his cheek while crying, Gulf conforted him and then they hugged
"It's okay phi"
Ahhhh devastated 😭
Another thing that happened was Gulf in his break laying down on a sofa and Mew just went to him and they hugged each other
😏 just as always 😏❤
Next is Kapook interview 🤔
let's begin with Mew talking about how his ideal type is👀
As he's a person who always do new things he likes someone who's willing to accept those things and support him and stay by his side no matter what 😌
Then he talked about Gulfie ☺️
A person who trusts him and is always ready for what he tells and gives.
He said they understood each other so good that they can move forward easily
You get what I'm saying here? 😏😏😏😏
As an extra, Mew basically said love is love (doesn't have gender) and it's about 2 people
Like mind your own business if you aren't one of those 2 people ☺️(this last part is my interpretation of course gg)
Next is UD Wuv story ☺️(if this is not the name sorry, my memory again)
P'Stamp aka official new waanjai 🤭asked MewGulf if they love each other and Gulf deadass answered that they have loved each other for a long time
(Love krub😋)
Well in this live we witnessed the moment were Mew casually said he would call his lover Tuaeng and we know someone who have being called this way so many times by him 👉😋
Also Gulf saying he would call his lover Teerak (so waiting forward to the spilling of the tea👀)
Here MewGulf also spilled the tea talking about sleeping positions like Gulf saying he likes to sleep on the left side and Mew just disagreed
Like okay Mew, you know about it then 👀☺️
Ajdhjs and the moment when Mew just said they are like living together cuz they spent almost every day tg
And Gulf just quickly agreed and then be like "are we really telling them this" and Mew just smiling
(Okay they didn't actually say they live tg but...)
Cr on video
Then we had the shoulder kiss moment 👁👄👁
The shoulder kiss moment HD version
Well just gonna say, focus on Gulf smile after the kiss
He was so damn happy with the situation
Well almost the end of this beautiful live
Gulf raised his hand and proceeded with a soft voice to thank Mew for being together and said he loves him Krub 🥺
Next is something I just found so sweet 🥺
Mew uploaded the first photo and few moments later he deleted it and uploaded the second one
He added a heart ❤and the phrase "Yo did a great job na" to Gulf
And ajdhsjsgsjjs how to forget they finally sang Season of you together
Kazz awards
A little bit late MewGulf arrived, at the red carpet the MC asked them why had they came together, deadass Gulfie just said that's because "we are together (a couple)" and then was like okay I have to say something else and his final answer was "cuz we're MewGulf"😏
Mew sang Season of you (may I suggest you to stream it?) when he was singing "the only one in my heart" he pointed off to the place where Gulfie was sit
Gulfie 🌝 the lyrics 🌚
Cr https://twitter.com/net_drifter/status/1289633215125155841?s=19
Also Gulfie as a what I like to say is a proud boyfriend 🥰
Next is Mew flirting with social distancing, lets put it this way:
He was on the stage, the Mc asked him to say love you Gulf in a cute way, then Gulf (from his seat) smiled after heard it and deadass Mew asked him(in front of a whole world salad) why are you smiling?
Cr next
So yes MewGulf, even from the distance, can flirt 😌
Just if you ever wondered
Okay but hope you are ready for possessive Gulf
Let's start with Mew showing us his beautiful chest ☺️ (this happened after the event at the red carpet)
Then we have Gulfie from another place
The MC told him about what just happened (Mew,chest) and Gulf said that if you have something good then you should show it
The Mc point off he wasn't being possessive about it and he answered "Bcs they can see him yet they can't take him"
So that was the most beautiful, sad and accurate statement I have ever heard😭❤☺️
Okay, move on kub again
Talking about thanks and stuff
We have this one 🥰
They thanked each other for being by each other side
And I mean, do you remember the ribbon?😏
Mew also thanked Gulf for coming to the Type's auditions that day
So beautiful 🥺
Ohhh and also Gulf thanked Mew for being by his side in every important moment in his life
Cr https://twitter.com/walaas98/status/1297938026484596739?s=19
Then we got these photos by Mame
She said (live) that this (they hugging each other) is actually very common, just as usual
She also said she had a video of Gulf on Mew's lap (as always) and she told them she wasn't gonna be able to share the video cuz they were practicing a script from a non sponsor of the serie, and well
They didn't care and kept doing it
I mean even if it's just Mame they need to do "fanservice"
Move on to the next moment ☺️
Bwell, a Gulf solo event
Fans asked him (referring to destiny's moment "19m is ready") if he loves him (Mew) back now that it's ready
Gulfie answered that Mew said is ready (the dowry) but he (Mew) hasn't come to ask him yet
Ordination day and anrhkahakajwnahejs the release of this photo
(Tharntype SS2)
If you ask me, I don't think in Tharntype when I see it 👀❤
Gulf: exists
Mew to Gulf: "cute"
Just cuz this was trending
The Mc asked Jong Mom what did she think about people that want MewGulf to be a real couple
She answered that this was about Mew, he has the freedom to make a decision
So, mama already allowed it, everything depends on Mew and Gulf
I mean as always
Free fire
Here we had the moment when Gulf wanted to be husband (in the game, the couples were separated into 2, wife/husband) but Mew was like no way
Gulf: GulfMew Mew:
Just so you know, this moment was my inspiration to call this thread
But what the hell just happened?
Well this was a kind of punishment (seriously, a punishment for MewGulf 😂)
The Mc asked Mew to feed Gulf cutely, and then Mew just did this:
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