So I was speaking with my friend today and we discussed something and now I am BAWLING. (If anyone else noticed this and already talked about it then please tell me and I will give them credit) so we know #MewGulf had this conversation on April 8th right? We also know
that “the moon is beautiful” is a way to say “I love you”. Then on May 8th Mew’s studio posted their header. Did anyone notice this???? “The Moon” makes an ∞ symbol 😭😭😭 Infinity means FOREVER! Then he opened his studio on on June 8th! All the dates have an 8. 8 flipped on
It’s side makes an ∞ symbol! This CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE. Mew and his PHD Brain is way to smart for it to be a coincidence that he told Gulf he loves him on the 8th, posted the header on the 8th, and opened his studio on the 8th! It must have significant meaning to him. Not
to meantion that he said he and Gulf’s relationship is at an 8.....and I HAD AN EPIPHANY WHILE I WAS MAKING THIS THREAD 😳🤯 It’s been in front of our faces this ENTIRE TIME! What happened on the April 8th? Mew told Gulf “the moon is beautiful” which means “I love you”. What
have Mew and Gulf been telling us for months?? THERE RELATIONSHIP IS AT AN 8! We have been looking at this all wrong! It’s not the number of how far their relationship has gotten! It’s a date! It’s the 8th!! Mew said “I love you” on the 8th!!!! They have been telling us
this whole time that they love eachother! 😳🤯 This can’t be a coincidence! OMG! #MGPFG! (Also if someone already thought of the second thing and I’m out of the loop I’m going to feel so dumb) lol
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