That “only 6% of Covid deaths were Covid-only” stat doesn’t mean much in a country where over 40% of the population has some kind of chronic health problem.
Yes this is not smallpox or ebola in terms of deadliness. We are dealing with a pathogen about 2x as deadly as the flu - which is nothing to sneeze at given that the flu is very bad.
The real knock against the lockdown strategy is that it’s simply not very effective at curbing the spread of the disease. And that we have spent precious months without any efforts to tackle the common chronic health problems that leave us vulnerable to such things.
There has been no action taken against vegetable oils. No efforts to clean up our food supply. No promotion of physical fitness.
We are a ticking time bomb in terms of public health. With or without a new disease. And still there is no foresight. No leadership. A fat country will collapse under its own weight.
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