It's hard to watch yourself on TV - especially with a lockdown haircut - but the Liverpool BBC documentary was interesting in a number of ways. One thing it reminded me of is that when LFC won the league, Rafa Benitez texted congratulations to me and said how happy he was
The show had some of the best people I've met in football and some of the worst. The insight from all sides is worth listening to but Rafa's up top with the best
It goes without saying that Jurgen is a class act and I expect anyone who follows me knows how I feel about Dalglish
I especially don't want to watch myself talking about Hillsborough. The interview with the BBC was a long one - more than four hours. I'm glad they didn't use more stuff I said about Dalglish's resignation. Or Souness and The Sun
As I've grown older I've got more sympathetic to Souness. He is one of the great players in the club's history and the greatest captain. The biggest regret of his career - of not his life - was going to The Sun. He's conscious of the enormity of it
Impressed, as always, by Roy Evans. He didn't sugarcoat how he felt about Houllier. Others on it pretending they were mates with people they sacked
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