They thought we would follow the stars
Gaga is complicit
Check the song names on her latest album Chrome Addict (alice, 911, plastic doll, chrome addict, babylon..)
Get it yet?
In AHS: Hotel she played a perverted vampire queen who has orgies then murders her conquests and drinks their blood. She also raises (grooms) a pack of child vampires. Not so fictional afterall?
Her 2020 VMAs looks: Baphoment horns, hail satan, muzzles, more horns, angel wings? And of course #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
A lot of people think it was a double, and i must say her face looks so much like kim kardashian it’s freaking me out! She also hailed satan again will posing with her trophies. Also included a couple of pics of her performance with betta kitten kabbalah queen ariana grande
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