Trump's campaign has just been a series of attempts to run against people who are not Biden. First, it was Bernie and the Squad. Now it's the mayors of Seattle and Portland. This strategy has just one minor flaw: none of these people are on the presidential ballot in November.
I mean, if I were Trump, I too would prefer to run against Bill de Blasio rather than Joe Biden. But the voters don't live in Trump's fantasy world and they don't even know who Ted Wheeler is.
Two things can be true at once:

-Mayors Ted Wheeler and Jenny Durkan have governed terribly in crisis
-Joe Biden, not Wheeler or Durkan, is the Democratic nominee for president

Most voters understand this even if certain people on Twitter are professionally obligated not to.
(Most of you don't even know who Wheeler and Durkan are, because like most voters you are normal people. Trump's campaign to pretend these people are on the ballot instead of Biden is doomed to fail because no one even knows who his latest fake Bidens are.)
Trump's Imaginary Bidens, ranked:

-MASTERMIND BIDEN, who passed every bad law in DC for 50 years, then stole the primary from Bernie
-BERNIE BIDEN, controlled by the leftist voters he stole the primary from
-MAYOR BIDEN, who governs both Portland and Seattle (from his basement)
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