1) Wheeler was born in Portland to a family in the Oregon timber industry. His father, Sam Wheeler, was executive vice president at Willamette Industries, a Fortune 500 lumber company formed in 1967.
2)Ted Wheeler received a bachelor's degree from Stanford University. He also earned an MBA from Columbia University, and a master's in public policy from Harvard University. Wheeler worked for financial services companies, including the Bank of America and Copper Mountain Trust.
3) He also ran his father, Sam Wheeler’s family foundation to make grants to charitable organizations. Sam named Ted and his brothers as directors. (Today the foundation has $16 million in assets.)
4) Ted Wheeler cut ties with the foundation in 2005, during his bid for the Multnomah County chairmanship, after questions arose about some of the foundation's donations. Of course, info has been scrubbed about the foundations.
8) Wheeler advocates access to abortion. Ted and Katrina Wheeler were honorary chairs of Planned Parenthood's 50th Anniversary Gala. Wheeler has donated to and raised funds for Planned Parenthood.
11) Ted Wheeler also just happened to be one of the “victims” of the “MAGA bomber” Cesar Sayoc. 🙄 Wheeler was speaking out about police not assisting ICE.
12) Wheeler’s been working at undemining law and order since being elected Mayor in 2017. Portland became Oregon's first municipality to "Ban the Box", which reduces employment discrimination against residents with a criminal record by removing the criminal history check box.
14) In August 2019, Wheeler requested that Governor Kate Brown keep the National Guard ready to respond in anticipation of a potentially explosive stand-off between far-right groups and Antifa demonstrators. His request was denied.
15) He allows police to cover their name badges at protests. He supports banning the provision known as the "48-hour rule", which gives officers who have employed deadly force a 48-hour buffer before they have to answer questions. https://www.portland.gov/wheeler/news/2017/7/13/statement-mayor-ted-wheeler-48-hour-rule
19) On June 2, Wheeler lifted the curfew due to his perception of a "significant [peaceful] shift in the tenor." Wheeler also requested the deployment of the National Guard to Portland in response to protests following May 2020 killing of George Floyd but Oregon governor refused
21) On July 22, Wheeler joined protesters, but was booed by them for his actions as Portland Police Commissioner and the Portland Police's own response to the protests. The crowd chanted "F$*\\ Ted Wheeler" and "Quit Your Job" as he spoke.
22) After speaking, Wheeler and at least five security guards went to the front of the protest area. Wheeler was caught in tear gas released by federal agents. Wheeler left after the first round of tear gas, after which Portland Police declared a riot.
23) Two days ago, Ted Wheeler sent a scathing letter to President Trump refusing Federal Assistance to Portland who’s violent Protests are out of control. https://www.portland.gov/wheeler/news/2020/8/28/mayor-wheelers-open-letter-president-trump
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