My program makes us take a history of analytic phil seminar in our first term that covers topics such as the “unity of the proposition,” which is... how propositions.....hold together ????? and it’s been 6 years and I still sometimes think “the unity of the proposition.....what”
the unity of the proposition???????????????????
what kind of answer is even possible here. With glue. staples. Idk
It’s like: “how does ‘The cat sits on the mat’ express something than the list ‘cat, sitting, mat’”?????” idk, semantic roles or something? With tape? What am I being asked
we had to do weekly writing assignments and so due to ADHD brain every week I spent 1 night not sleeping and instead writing about analytic philosophy of language from 2 am – 6 am and man gun to my head there is absolutely no way I could have told you that I wrote any of these
man I often feel like I produced absolutely nothing for most of the years I've been in grad school but it turns out in my first year I actually by force produced a large amount of whatever this is
why did I have to DO this
does anyone want to buy some analytic philosophy
I forgot that what I was looking for was my assignment about the unity of the proposition. This doesn't mean anything to me! It never meant anything to me! I was a parrot saying words in an order like they were just sounds
I thought I wanted to do philosophy of language but then I took this class and all the views just... meant nothing to me?
I could mess around with them but it was though they were just formal systems or something, if I try to apply them to the things I wanted to know about natural language there's just... static in my head??????? what's up with that
@lastpositivist ???????? do u know
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