Fantis: "stOp sexualizing the characters from hq!!"

They're fictional characters ✨

They're not real ✨

So if people want to thirst after the characters, let them✨
No one is sexualizing real minors here. If these were REAL teenage athletes people were sexualizing, I would be like "um no, you need to stop now." But they're not real. They don't exist. They can't be harmed. They're drawings. Let people think they're hot.
Also as someone who's been in the fandom since 2014, the fandom's been good at not reducing characters to just "ooh look at his thighs wink wonk." People are more than capable of admiring them for their characterizations *and* thirsting after them at the same time, it's not hard.
Also - THEY'RE ADULTS IN THE MANGA. The mangaka has gifted the fandom canon aged-up characters on a golden platter and y'all are STILL like "but they're minors though" y'all are such kill joys, just let people have fun with *fictional characters* I'm begging y'all😭
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